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The Ultimate Dis-Respect - Pan at Lincoln Center - Dead Man Walking?

New York - It appears that the future of Steelpan music at Lincoln Center may be nothing more than "Dead Man Walking." In what has to be one of the most glaring acts of total disregard and one of the ugliest insults the instrument has suffered in its 50-plus year history - Abstract Entertainment, Inc. (AEI) along with its partners BET and Lincoln Center pull off a scallywag move in broad daylight that is both traitorous and deceitful.

Back in the sixties and fifties it was common practice for album covers and promotional material to leave the pictures of Black recording artists off. It was a racist and shameful practice that was part of an era in the music business that has been put behind us. Now, fast forward to 2009. On Friday morning an irate, well-known and respected panman wrote When Steel Talks about an Ad he received promoting the upcoming "PanJazz" to be held at Lincoln Center in New York. This pan person who is very level-headed and not prone to emotional and un-intellectual outbursts called what he saw "malicious." We at When Steel Talks most certainly agree.

One cannot defend the indefensible. This was a deliberate move. It clearly was not an oversight. How on earth do you forget the pan image or pan performer on an Ad for PANjazz? You do not! Clearly, AEI, BET and Jazz at Lincoln Center are sending a message. They are moving on - and they have exploited the steelpan instrument, culture and people to the max from their perspective. Pan and pan people got them through the door, and established the show as a premier 'Father's Day event' - and now it is time to deep-six the pan. Who can not help but notice that the "PanJazz" shows have been well patronized and made up almost exclusively of pan fans since the show's 2004 inception?

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You obviously do not understand anything about the demographics, and the NY entertainment scene. "AEI members" would not be the ordinary man in the street looking for a good lime, but people who probably attended the show previously, the majority for PAN reasons and PAN music, happy with the diversity of artists - but not on that list for "just another Caribbean show." As part of the pan community, I can assure you that there have been growing rumblings over the years of how much the show has changed since the first one in 2004.

It is up the promoter(s) to advertise CLEARLY all the time what people are paying for. Not choose which will be promoted. This is a PANjazz show. In this flier, there is (1) no mention of even a pan performance; (2) no name of a single pan performer; (3) no picture of a pan performer, and not necessarily playing a pan either - not even a face picture.

if I am going to a hortcultural show, I want to know about the horiculturists, the plants, flowers, etc. from the poster. I do NOT want to know about the DJ who will be playing the music, or the choices of FOOD that may be available. Certainly not at the cost of not having any information or indication whatsoever, that HORTICULTURE is the theme - and the reason why I am paying good money to patronize.
What is surprising is how easily you were suckered by Ramsey. That ad doesn't need your narration. It is a pan abomination. Imagine creating something like that in 2009 and you trying to justify it with that tata you're shoveling?

The promoters put the ad out there. They were saying no pan!

It is WST's professionalism, integrity and respect of the pan community that made them put up that article. They will never have to say I told you so. We are all very fortunate you Sidd are not running WST.

Thanks again WST for looking out.
Sidd this is nonsense. You insult the intelligence of pan people. What AEI did shows who they are.
I couldn't have agreed with you more.
Bar fly - obviously you need to come down off that wall you're perched up on. It's too high. You asked:
"How many of you have actually seen advertising for PanJazz 2009? I have, and every flyer/poster clearly depict the pan."

Er... you're missed one!! And this one doesn't have shit about PAN.

Okay - I'm going to see Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson in action, with her other team buddies, but - I get this flier - the only one that I have caught just before her show, and all it says is: Fabulous Gymnasts Show their stuff.

But - one problem. On the poster I saw, a couple of weeks before the show, there is no mention of Shawn Johnson, and no picture of her, or even her team mates. But, I do see the pictures of the swimmers, cyclists, and tennis players who will be there. And, I can even see their names!! Wow.

And I am going to believe that whoever is putting on this show supposedly featuring Olympic Gold Medal winner Shawn Johnson, and billed as a Gymnastic show, really gives a DAMN about Gymnastics? And the show is held at a top-of-the line venue, world-renonwed? With those high stakes, and at such a high-profile venue, someone made a mistake? REALLY??? Aiight... gotcha...

Instead of tooting your horn for AEI and whoever, you should join their band wagon, and try to "right" it before it topples over.
Bar Fly you are an evil MF.
Err.... Mr. Sidd,

You do think much of yourself, don't you... You think I am wasting time trying to convince you? So sorry to crush your ego.

My responses are solely geared to anyone who doesn't have time to think for themselves, or has difficulty in expressing sentiments - and to debunk your crap.
I am really curious to find out what possible explanation has been given for this blatant oversight - or if anything has been said at all. I mean, leaving out the image of the Pan headliner and that of the Pan itself from the poster is not, say, a grammatical error that could be put down to "one of those things." Pan is the theme of PanJazz at Lincoln Center. Therefore, everyone concerned must have made a conscious decision to leave these elements out in the design and approval of the PanJazz concept as a whole, not just the poster.

According to BVIslanders, "Well sah!"
Right on Minchie, I guess Ray Holman is not worthy enough to be on the poster of the show he is performing in. I also expect the pan performers to be asked by the promoters to come through the back door for fear of them mixing with the company and the other musicians (who play real and conventional instruments ) on the ad they were left off of. lol

So, who exactly are these people who are so important to the promoters and would not come to the event if they saw a picture of Ray Hollman or the pan on the poster for the show?

Listen to the nonsensical request of forget the "panless ad" and check out the web sight for the true revelation. Yea, like forget the rape or lynching and go to the web sight to see how great they really are. Dead man walking for real.

Listen to the utter stupidity of anyone trying to defend this shameful embarrassing base behavior. This reprehensible act of the promoters makes one wonder why there was not even one person in that organization with the sense to say "this is not a good idea". Obviously, JALC, BET and AEI are up to no good as it relates to the pan.
when black enterainers and musicians show disrespect at any level for the steel pan we as pan lovers must take notice and act fast.this instrument came out of the blood sweat and tears of caribbean people and trinibagoians in particular, our history bears all the facts
Well..I saw this coming..if you really take a look at the coverage of this event over the last few years and the articles written -it seems to me that PAN was slowly no longer the focal point. There is a way however to solve this problem - Pan people should not attend this show (money always talks).
As a pan person (semi retired) I see this as a personal insult and as a result will not be attending the performance
or anything else that these organizations have to offer. Hit them in there pocket books. That sends a big message.
The problem as I see it is that pan players on the whole are not organized. Why? Because most players play
for the love of pan weather they get paid or not. Point blank, many are exploted. Tahzann


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