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The Ultimate Dis-Respect - Pan at Lincoln Center - Dead Man Walking?

New York - It appears that the future of Steelpan music at Lincoln Center may be nothing more than "Dead Man Walking." In what has to be one of the most glaring acts of total disregard and one of the ugliest insults the instrument has suffered in its 50-plus year history - Abstract Entertainment, Inc. (AEI) along with its partners BET and Lincoln Center pull off a scallywag move in broad daylight that is both traitorous and deceitful.

Back in the sixties and fifties it was common practice for album covers and promotional material to leave the pictures of Black recording artists off. It was a racist and shameful practice that was part of an era in the music business that has been put behind us. Now, fast forward to 2009. On Friday morning an irate, well-known and respected panman wrote When Steel Talks about an Ad he received promoting the upcoming "PanJazz" to be held at Lincoln Center in New York. This pan person who is very level-headed and not prone to emotional and un-intellectual outbursts called what he saw "malicious." We at When Steel Talks most certainly agree.

One cannot defend the indefensible. This was a deliberate move. It clearly was not an oversight. How on earth do you forget the pan image or pan performer on an Ad for PANjazz? You do not! Clearly, AEI, BET and Jazz at Lincoln Center are sending a message. They are moving on - and they have exploited the steelpan instrument, culture and people to the max from their perspective. Pan and pan people got them through the door, and established the show as a premier 'Father's Day event' - and now it is time to deep-six the pan. Who can not help but notice that the "PanJazz" shows have been well patronized and made up almost exclusively of pan fans since the show's 2004 inception?

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Sidd, for the past 4 years you want to be a wanabe PAN Promoter in Trinidad & Tobago you told the world on this board all about your credentials and PAN expertise - nothing ever materalize of all your great ideas of Promoting PAN shows.

It is no suprise your are defending these disrespectful Promoters who show no respect for Pan People.

Sidd, you write too much. Can you condense your thoughts so the reader can comprehend them? Your points may be valid but no one would want to meander through all of those run on sentences and muddled thoughts.
when I see these things, I can't prevent myself from saying pan is still in danger, but what is even more dangerous, the performers whose photos appear on the flyers. They are guilty as well; keep the chalice burning, vampire passing!
Remember Cro Cro pan song a few years ago with these lyrics Way pan reach, Way the hell pan reach
think about that.
Total disrespect.....and this will happen again again,unless something is done.
Well, I will be attending the show. I've been to countless "bad" pan concerts in my lifetime (think Panorama at the Brooklyn Museum, devoid of a program, adequate seating, etc. I have "survived" those, I can survive this. I will not be boycotting anthing.
Ironman - “A man who doesn't stand for something will fall for anything.”

You've been abused for so long by your own admission you don't know any other way to behave. Abuse has become natural for you. Even a slave believed he had choice. You've become part of the "boy wa we go do" - this is all we have - I don't deserve better mentality. I feel sorry for you.
It is plain to see that iron man is not truly a pan person, in fact i would call him an a-- hole.instead of complaining
about the pan-a-rama in Brooklyn. Do something about it. I am with you on that, it's a shame that with the amount
of money pan-a-rama generates for the powers that be, they can not do better.

great artistes......but it's a PANjazz show....how could they do this?

Did anyone respond to it?
Beyond the promoters being a couple of low-lifes, it would appear the performing panist did not have a contract representative of a headline act signed with the promoters. Everything from the minimum size font that can used with the performers name are usually part of the contract. If Ray Holman had in place the proper contract he could have made a lot money from this idiots promoters move. Unfortunately, this is also part of the problem. Pan people need to learn all aspects of the business.
This is no doubt disgraceful to say the least...people have been using the pan as a drawing card,this has to be stopped.I also agree with Darren;the word jazz is used to fill performance spaces,but when you get there or check the cast NOT A JAZZ ARTIST ON THE BILL,this is false advertising and the time has come to start suing promoters for this practice
I'm not sure I understand what the big huff is really about. The initial flyer posted here is a teaser ad. It's clearly meant to get you to the panjazz.com website in order to get more information about the event. It doesn't have the date, time, location or any other particular information outside of a few artists. Upon going to their website, much more information can be acquired.
Also, the flyer that was posted by BarFly has all of this information present, as well as the pictures and information regarding the steelpan musicians who will be performing. I would be able to understand the sentiment here more clearly if none of the promotional flyers contained anything about pan or if the panjazz.com website had NO information about the steelpan musicians who will be performing. Honestly, I think we're making too much of this here.


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