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The upcoming Arrangers for the future are Duvone Stewart and Amrit Samaroo

Watch Duvone Stewart and Emrit samaroo, these 2 fellas are the Arrangers of the future, they are getting closer and closer to the inside of the Box.

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"With proper marketing and advertisement I can't see it failing, no top arrangers. Assign the arrangers to a large band."

Cecil…I am trying with great difficulty to believe that you read the above before you posted it...

I chose to rate arrangers by their consistency , and their body of work , not whether or not they lost a Panorama by a couple of points, which in most instances are just judgement calls.

IMHO , it is pretty silly to exclude an arranger from greatness just because a judge gave his tune one or two points less on a Panorama Final night.

So among the greats , I include Beverly Griffith based on the work he did with Despers in the sixties , including the ground breaking "Triple Crown Winners " album of 1966 which remains one of the best steelband albums ever recorded. ( not to mention his very original , winning arrangement of Sparrow's "Obeah Wedding" that was the talk of town in '66)

I also would mention Earl Rodney .

Apart from his panorama performances with Solo , he arranged for a series of albums in the seventies that contain some of the best calypso pan arrangements on record.

And I would also include Professor and Ray Holman ,  again based on their bodies of work ,along with the usual suspects , the Big band multiple Panorama winners.

As far as the two mentioned are concerned , both are fine modern arrangers ( not of the future , but of today ) , but I will give Anrit Samaroo the edge , since he seems to be on more of a trajectory towards greatness than Duvone , at this time.

And btw . they're all top flight arrangers , but because of the demands of Panorama , most bands will insist on hedging their bets,  if the veteran arrangers with proven track records are available.

Which doesn't mean that the lesser accomplished arranger couldn't do the job. 

Glenroy, All the names you mentioned are Panorama winners except one - Professor. And quite Frankly Professor has had more than enough chances to win. Winning big band Panorama is the peoples way of judging greatness. It is not always perfect but over time it works.


You have a point , Bugs. Which is why I point out the significant , voluminous  non panorama work that those arrangers have done as more as a qualifier of their greatness to me , more so than one or two winning panorama tunes,

A couple years ago Andre White was the new wonder kid on the block. What happened? How quick we are to discard. How quick we are to heap praise. They are all good at what they do. Let us encourage them to continue working to better this art form by the music they put out and support them all.

Ama, I don't know, but somehow it looks like there is a Beef with Andre White and People/organization  or something, I am not sure  I am just feeling it, notice he will be with this band now then another?   I might be wrong (I hope I am wrong)

Bede Lopez, exactly what "Beef" are you talking about? What are you stirring up? "He will be with this band now then another?"

Andre White was with ADLIB for years, several years as a little boy in pan, then as their arranger. He and ADLIB parted ways. A year passed, then he turned up with Pantonic Steel Orchestra.

How the HELL is that "with this band now then another?" The young man moved from ONE steel orchestra to ONE other.

People like you Bede Lopz are sheer poison at times in the pan community. And this is a little boy compared to you. How old are you, in your seventies, from you posts? Andre White is in his mid-twenties and that makes you old enough to be his Grandfather.

What is this jealously that some of our so-called 'elders' in this forum display toward younger arrangers when they 'run their mouths' on them for one reason or another? And in your case, Bede Lopez, fabricating something that is not a fact.

Totally disgusting.

Markellplain, Its just that Andre White arrange great music, even that Piece with Pantonics which was great (he look like the Mozart on stage) , I just couldn't  see Pantonics placing so low, that's why I just cyah understand it, I thought there is something wrong with the System, It wasn't meant to be negative about him I use to enjoy seeing him arranging for Mangrove.


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