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The upcoming Arrangers for the future are Duvone Stewart and Amrit Samaroo

Watch Duvone Stewart and Emrit samaroo, these 2 fellas are the Arrangers of the future, they are getting closer and closer to the inside of the Box.

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I will love to see Zanda and Raf back in the large bands.

as yuh mention those two…I would relish hearing Leroy Clarke with a Trini band…his is the kinda fresh minds we need...

Actually, Merrytones, I like Professor. He doh have to win no PANORAMA to impress me. As he said, he is representing the PAN all over the world when PANORAMA done. If he ever found the right manager or ran in to (or recognized) the right contacts  on the outside, BIG THINGS could happen for him.

But dem other two "place and show" arrangers have to WIN THE BIG ONE to establish credentials.

I don't buy this idea that an arranger has to win a panorama the be considered a great arranger , just as I don't buy the idea that an NBA player has to win a championship to be considered great.

Too many other factors influence championships in both arenas.

Glenroy: Look at all the expectations around Duvonne Stewart. People from all walks of PAN LIFE have anointed him the new MESSIAH OF PAN ARRANGERS. So the general public will never give him the RECOGNITION that he earns and deserves until he get that WIN in the LARGE BAND CATEGORY.

Speaking of the NBA, Steve Kerr win ONE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP and everybody calling him GREAT!!!! And Obama invite CURRY (The NBA WINNER) to come and play some golf with him over his summer vacation. Out here everybody calling CURRY great; had he lost NOT SO GREAT.

So that's my point .

Claude. Which shooting guard would you prefer on your NBA team, Steve Kerr or Reggie Miller ?

And Reggie never once won a ring !

True dat Claude. And Merrytones know dat.


Bugs…what I do know too is that after Panorama this year both Professor and Duvonne made a big song and dance of the judging and Duvonne even threaten to quit…if they both know they have other options elsewhere they should go deal with it…but yuh want to bet they back on the hustings next year?

Merrytones: DOLLAR$ and SENSE!!!

Claude…yuh spoil dat….yuh give away de answer…lol

They are both arrangers and everyone knows the biggest prize is the band band category. They will be back because they have to.  Until they win the big one they will be seen as second fiddle arrangers.


HEY BEDE,  according to MUSIC THEORY, these guy's DO NOT KNOW HOW and/or WHEN to use RUN'S, INTRODUCTION'S or even STATE A THEME, run's are best used for counter melodie's and change key's, an intro is suppose to be a resemblance of a part of the tune/song or a CADENZA that is being played, verse or chorus, stating the theme is repeating before U change key's ect ect ect, these GUY'S do not know what they are doing, after they play the tune/song once, the melody IS TOTALLY LOST, when it should be there in HARMONY or in VARIATION, a form of modification, something they also do not know anything about, so they disguise it with ( bram bram, badam bam bam), and call it music, i'm sorry man, but this is how I hear it and how it comes out in public...


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