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The upcoming Arrangers for the future are Duvone Stewart and Amrit Samaroo

Watch Duvone Stewart and Emrit samaroo, these 2 fellas are the Arrangers of the future, they are getting closer and closer to the inside of the Box.

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Bede: Cold Steel talking to yuh. Yuh have to answer the man. Merrytones is a staunch advocate for the small/medium bands. We have to respect that!

But Duvonne and Amrit have to WIN in LARGE BAND to get our votes.

...and Claude…we all know how bad Duvonne want to win too…since he even threaten to quit earlier this year…but his troubles have only now begun, in the form of Amrit….

MTTTB, The race to fill Jit Samaroo Void will be between Duvone and Amrit, If I have to pick between the 2 of them I will pick Amrit, Duvone concentrate on too many Runs up and Down,

Bede there is no more void, Amrit is bringing his own band.

YUH got to win the BIG ONE, Merrytones. Lesser categories don't count.

If you say so Claude…tell Professor that too…lol...

But Claude you self…yuh see how all yuh eh easy…yuh forever beating up on "lesser categories"…they don't count but that big boy arrangers still takin' day money no? That alone shows up the major ill of allowing arrangers to work throughout the categories. How do you expect other arrangers to come to the fore when the "big boys"continue to fill their space?…

merrytones, there is a need to showcase the other arrangers. Ah 60 players side in August could be the way to big them up. Choose 10 arrangers and assign them to a band and have a show.

The only way something like will make sense is if the top flight arrangers are not involved…but then again…will the public support it?

With proper marketing and advertisement I can't see it failing, no top arrangers. Assign the arrangers to a large band.

MTTTB, actually there are only 2 Arrangers that have to be beaten Boogsie/Smooth because of their consistency and if you cannot beat them you are trying for either  Show or also ran, (neither of these two are my Favorite Arranger, my favorite arranger is Pelham Goddard) 

"Show or also ran"…lol...Bede yuh bad…


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