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I could make this ah LONG STORY but ah KEEPING IT SHORT ... allyuh should be EATING CALLALOO (I am) to STAVE OFF THE CORONA ...

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Singing Francine - The Wizard

Dear Mr. Claude Gonzales and odw (gender unknown),

the sentiments in my previous comment on this post is expressly intended for those who may not be familiar with what we call CALLALOO in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 

odw (gender unknown), claimed and I quote, "...and some coconut milk to add some thickness...".  

All I am simply saying to Mr. Claude Gonzales, and Mr./Mrs./Ms odw (gender unknown), is that YUH CYAR MAKE CALLALOO WITHOUT COCONUT MILK, otherwise IS BARJEE YUH MAKING.

Coconut milk is not a THICKENER in Trinidad and Tobago CALLALOO. It is MANDATORY. 

Yuh cyar have THANKSGIVING without TURKEY.

"Yuh cyar have THANKSGIVING without TURKEY."

Not true, what you have here is a sub-culture, different strokes for different folks. I don't speak for all Americans.

Some may want to stick with their traditions, some may want to improvise, some because of religious beliefs refrain from the commercialization/exploitation of the true meaning of giving thanks, spending time with family members and friends. We have to be willing to OUTGROW what no longer fits, having the freedom of CHOICE is an individual RIGHT.

Look!!! trouble for me, all these years I saw the name "BUGS" in the posting,  I never thought to ask if was a male of female insect. Content is more important to me, always try to keep my biases in check, strictly about balance.

Had an experience recently with a co-worker of 15 years, he has two masters degree and was terminated from the job, didn't know what hit him, he sued the company for discrimination some years ago and felt he was untouchable. He never knew his online activities involved some enhanced monitoring, many times I would tell him to READ the writing on the wall.

My mother used to say common-sense was made before books, we are living in changing times, one has to learn how to be flexible and adaptable in the digital age, this is the age of abbreviated text, teenagers are able to take a cue and run with it, their grasp of situations and analytical thought process is way beyond me when I was their age.

Human Resource departments scan social media/networks to collect your data to determine if you, the applicant qualify as the right fit for their organization.

Mr. Providence: Thank you, your point is well taken, just sharing another point of view.




Point well taken Mr. odw.

However sir, please permit me to point out to our global audience that:


Therefore, although the MENU may differ at THANKSGIVING (albeit not altering the significance of the occasion, and the traditional expectations), THANKSGIVING remains THANKSGIVING, even though CALLALOO is served.

However sir, and not surprisingly so, CALLALOO being a DISH, dictates that the main ingredients that are cooked together to create an end product that will be easily identified as, and taste as CALLALOO, coconut milk being one of them, is not the chef's choice, the quantity and type of coconut milk that chef uses may vary, as would the final taste of course. 

Just like you cyar make "dough" without adding "liquid" to flour, just like yuh  cyar make "Mud" without adding "Liquid" to dust/dirt, yuh cyar make callaloo without adding coconut milk sir, is not for thickening, is for that real callaloo taste, or else, yuh could make some barjee. LMAO

Yours respectfully. 

Trinidad's Callaloo

Oct 3, 2012

I going back to cooking school, to develop my culinary skills...
Chef Khalid Muhammad shows us how to prepare a beloved side dish that's sure to turn up on most tables in Trinidad: a verdant callaloo, whipped into a froth with a traditional whisk called a swizzle stick. The main ingredient is a vegetable, known by many local names, including callaloo or dasheen bush. Callaloo may be served as a soup, stew, side, or flavorful sauce.


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