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Did you know that T&T was the first country in the western hemisphere to win gold in javelin at the olympics .................. Excellent

Did you know that The Tourism Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago(TDC) had a T&T  village at the Olympics promoting T&T ................... very good

Did you know that Mungal patassar & friends and orange Sky(a local rock group) were used in the village to showcase T&T culture ................... good

Did you know that no pan was used in the village despite pan being the best promoter of this country and the only thing we invented that has been accepted internationally ................POOR.

somebody please tell me I'm wrong

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Agreed again ... and long gone are the days when steelbands winning Panorama automatically got a tour abroad.



Pan'tum well noted  and indeed THERE WAS   NO   STEELBAND / STEELPAN   FOR THE RECEPTION of the Gold medalist and others,,,,,,,,,,,,ONLY  TASSA,,,i looked at the program,,,..respect


I congratulate ALL out national athletes for representing Trinidad & Tobago with dignity and grace. I can only wonder why our teams are ALWAYS referred to as "Soca Boys" and "Soca Girls", and NEVER as "Steelband Boys" or "Pan Girls" (as examples). I remember my country being the "land of "steelband, calypso, and limbo" (in that order).

The answers may lie in the government's attitudes towards pan and steelbands, which show a lack of interest in promoting pan as an exportable Trinidad & Tobago commodity. Make NO mistake, the interest generated in Nigeria, has to do with her oil, and NOT our steel pans made from oil containers. Where is the proof? Well, let's see what they promote:

The Ministry of Trade and Industry's document, titled, Seven Sectors Earmarked For Development, listed "Music and Entertainment", as one of the "seven". Interestingly, pan is NEVER mentioned. The reality is, as far as our government's relations with Nigeria, pan is NOT considered as being a part of the potential "revenue generator". Even "sundry support service providers" are mentioned in this document, but, again, not ONE mention of "pan" or "steelband". Why? Because the government does not take our local pan industry (yes, that's what it is - an "industry") seriously.

See http://www.ttmissionsnigeria.com/trade/SevenSectors.pdf

(Excerpt from: http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/pan-pan-everywhere-not-...)

I had looked at the news where the home coming of the gold medalist was first and foremost,at the said timea muslim group were the first to be present to extend help to the stricken ones due to the mas flooding and distruction  of their homes,,now  the Holy Ones and distractors,,those accusing certain members of WST of  being insane,,dumb,stupid name it to the maximum in a negative way,,,what,s your opinion on this issue,,now i am a bareface person,,,mr SIDD and Patrick what is your opinion with regards to this issue, please !!!! do not be still ,feee free to voice your opinions,,,this is of national interest for T&T,,no politics involved,let,s be honest . what,s your take on this Mr SIDD,,let the members of WST view your opinion,respect 

You know that ts government refuses to acknowledge pan and its accomplishments because they seem to be ashamed of it.

They did the same on its highly promoted trip to India.

Do you know at the welcoming of the gold medalist at the airport in T&T the Tassa is what was presented first.

So couldn't the "global body of pan"  send a panside to London for the Olympics? Why does everything promoting pan have to be government handouts or company sponsored? When Diaz got elected he said that pan was going to bring in BILLIONS -- more money than oil. He could have stepped up and taken some financial responsibility; I am sure channels would have opened up once he took the first step.

I agree, Claude.  Why can't the pan community itself assume financial/political responsibility for making sure pan is represented at international events like these?


Peter: I am glad that you extrapolated to "international events" of which there are SO SO MANY -- small, medium, and large. We know that people around the world love the pan and want to hear more pan; but as CATT said in her post: Somebody needs to put on their THINKING CAP or maybe you have to lend them yours. 

well heck,  there are even a couple great pansides right IN London, with TnT-born panmen & panwomen players....

if anyone had put on their Thinking Cap, it woulda been easy to contract any one of them to play in the village.   EASILY.

-- and for a lot less cost than shipping people and pans from TnT.

...   that shows it ain't EVEN a matter of money.


YES CATT!!! "it ain't EVEN a matter of money." You could not have summarized the crisis more succinctly.

Remember that both Mungal and Orange Sky have their party card. Everything for friends, family and party hacks, they don't care a damn about steelband.


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