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Did you know that T&T was the first country in the western hemisphere to win gold in javelin at the olympics .................. Excellent

Did you know that The Tourism Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago(TDC) had a T&T  village at the Olympics promoting T&T ................... very good

Did you know that Mungal patassar & friends and orange Sky(a local rock group) were used in the village to showcase T&T culture ................... good

Did you know that no pan was used in the village despite pan being the best promoter of this country and the only thing we invented that has been accepted internationally ................POOR.

somebody please tell me I'm wrong

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The Ambassador to Great Briton you are exposed during the prince wedding Nestor Sullivan donate a Tenor Pan as a wedding gift. You gallery yourself in the media with the pan..typical trini

Your Government think you all can fool us THE STEELPAN IS THE NATIONAL INSTRUMENT yet you have to stoop to PP party favor to appease. THIS NONSENSE HAVE TO STOP  -  YOU ALL WOULD BE EXPOSED TO THE WORD

The TDC had a month of cultural events in a part of London named killburn. they had various soca stars from T&T at the venue. Yes you are correct there was no Pan, they even had story tellers, play wrights etc., but no pan in london at our cultural centre. I am in London, so i am relating as i saw it.  Maybe the organisers only care about Pan when they can come to destroy our competition under the pretext of "Loving Panorama", I would expect our VP of Pan Trinbago would have a proper Rational to explain this action by TDC representatives.

For 17 days no one saw the need for pan at the Olympic village, now everything finish sh-t start flying, I am just wondering that maybe if someone had said something earlier this could have been corrected.

Great point, Cecil! The fact is, I have been trying to get this WST membership to understand the importance of taking a proactive approach, as opposed to being reactive, when it comes to issues we ALL face as "panmen" and "panwomen". I have presented a plethora of evidence - copies of official Government and Pan Trinbago documents - which clearly show the attitudes of both bodies, when it comes to steelband and pan. My CENTRAL THEME in every post on WST, is about being proactive. From the "Blueprint", to exposing Pan Trinbago and her "pardners", to highlighting Government's "attitudes", to stressing the importance of literacy toward "liberation", and starting a Book Club toward that effort, I have tried to get us (collectively), to understand, that we are "reactive", because we accept our roles as oppressed subjects. This is why understanding what the "steelband movement" is all about, for "movement", is NOT a musical reference, as in a sonata, for example. This steelband movement, historically, functioned similar to the Civil Rights Movement, where proactive, "revolutionary" measures by a "unified front", led the way to their sociopolitical "freedom". ONLY, when we reject our roles as dependent, oppressed, and powerless subjects, and claim our (true) roles as independent, liberated, and self-reliant owners of our destiny, will we be able to realize a day, when these issues are no more the topics of our conversations. I truly believe we have it in us; what I question is, how many really do, and, those that do, if they choose to remain among the "appallingly silent".


I hear yuh my Brother, I see something simular happening with the Retirement Fund where people could buy a book and make a contribution but it look like they feel the Doc.trying to make money off the membership. 


Maybe we should play the Canadian National Anthem on Aug 31 instead, Shaqq. Seriously, coming to think about it, that's what I will do in protest. I think I'll hold off playing "Forged From The Love Of Liberty", until the day the we really live up to the ideals, where "EVERY creed and race, find and equal place...". And when I kook at "places", I don't see different faces, just inequality, based on classes and races. Hold on...I could have sworn, I just heard ♫Oh Canada♫ lol. Keep up the great work, Hameed. Shem Em Hotep.

Ghost - Who Needs To Get The Rosetta Stone To Start Learning French. (Put down meh damn pan sticks, and get me a javelin, and move to Toronto. Trinidad & Tobago could French-kiss my derriere. Oui? Just kidding. Have a great day, ALL!) 

Over a year later, do you think it is time to revisit and build on the "Blueprint"? Be true to your consciences, and understand, this is NOT about me, NOR any one person. This is an attempt for us to begin the process of liberation. Let history record ALL our attitudes, beliefs, opinions, actions, and inaction. I will always give this WST membership the benefit of the doubt, that they are "human", and hoping they understand what that means. YOU are the one, WE'VE been waiting for!!! Get involved in the process. Hotep.



Pan'tum ,,i said it before and would repeat it for the benefit of the new comers,,,there is no other person on WST that has produced such a Blueprint,, not exempting that of Doc Lance,, with your combination there is a bright furure for all relevant, to the Steelpan movement,so,,,,it,s time for you  to get cracking,,, time for action,,Respect.,,God Bless.

Thanks, Jerome. I wonder where the two Chiefs and their Indians are. I would think that the newly-formed ATTSDC, would have been there representin' Nigeria. I didn't expect the "world governing body for pan" to be there, because we ALL know they can't even govern a plum. What a set of jokers; time for pan to stop drawing bad card...

Ghost - Who Knows If Pan Was An Indo-Trinidadian "Invention", Pan Would Have Been At The Olympics. Ent?

Shame on you Keith, you were once the VP of Pan Trinbago and all kind of events around the world were taking place and there were no steel bands.

No, Curtis. Shame on those who can't see what Diaz is going on. No disrespect, bro. 



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