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Did you know that T&T was the first country in the western hemisphere to win gold in javelin at the olympics .................. Excellent

Did you know that The Tourism Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago(TDC) had a T&T  village at the Olympics promoting T&T ................... very good

Did you know that Mungal patassar & friends and orange Sky(a local rock group) were used in the village to showcase T&T culture ................... good

Did you know that no pan was used in the village despite pan being the best promoter of this country and the only thing we invented that has been accepted internationally ................POOR.

somebody please tell me I'm wrong

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Ghost, I was replying to Keith Byer statement.

No problem. I was replying to yours about Pan Trinbago. Hotep (Peace).


i forgot to add that there WAS a steelband in the opening ceremonies....  i didn't see it on the Tv coverage, but they were in the section celebrating Carnival, right behind the big boat, going around the track in the stadium... one of our own WST members was in this band, as part of the volunteers who participated in the opening ceremony....  she posted a video clip of it on her FB page.

so - someone on the Olympic planning committee had on THEIR thinking cap  ... and if THEY saw fit to include pan in the MAIN Olympic celebration, that makes it even more lame and pathetic that there was no pan in the TnT village self.


Catt is right. There was a steel band at the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. It was Nostalgia Steel Band. We were just behing the Windrush, and Mohogany Mass Band. However, the BBC choose not to give us any TV coverage on the day. A shame, but we had no control of the air waves.

Lionel, Nostalgia steel band


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