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They left MIA GORMANDY out of the Panorama Finals: WHAT A SHAME!!!

They are always preaching (and preaching) about PAN PLAYERS and MUSIC EDUCATION. So now you have a young woman who played the PAN and then went and got ALL THE MUSIC EDUCATION in the WORLD and now she comes back to arrange for a STEELBAND (with all that musical knowledge) and they leave her out of the finals.

Bad optics! Bad politics! Counter to what is being preached!

On PRINCIPLE: Mia should have been put into the FINALS.

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I listened to the band but lets face it compared to the others she lacked power meaning they needed more players to push the music either that or she need a boost in her rhythm whatever it is surely she needed more power.....

Boogsie Sharpe is the only arranger who plays a tune outside the norm that get's respect from the judges. The judging to me was fair but I feel bad for Fonclaire and Ken Professor Philmore because the band had to wait till after 2am to beat and by that time the stands were half empty and to add fuel to that they didn't get to their panyard in Sando till  after 6am and found out that they didn't make the cut.     

She's gonna earn her place, it's her first panorama. It's gonna be a learning experience. Job well done Mia!

Well, I have MIA GORMANDY pegged to be the FIRST GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR PAN from Trinidad. So I say: Put her on every stage in Trinidad whenever you have the opportunity -- like PANORAMA FINALS!!!

And since when is PANORAMA JUDGING the paragon of equity?

I would be happy to see Mia Gormandy in the finals, but the judges did their job. They judged the music they heard in accordance with specified judging criteria and not who the arranger is.

Yuh right Claude! On finals night lie down on the stage and tell the judges yuh eh movin' until dey put Birdsong in the finals! I wanted the Tobago band to make the finals too, just BECAUSE dey the only big band that had the BALLS to boycott the panorama!


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