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I dnt really usually do this but I take offence from this picture .. the guy in the middle is Mr. Patrick Arnold he is sick and has Alzheimer's and lives in a home for age. Mr photo was the one that orchestrated his removal from office because mr Arnold wanted constitutional reform and he and the vice president at the time treated him like a dog. Tell me why dey come Tobago and looking for mileage from Mr. Arnold .... why now after so much years 4 days before elections. he doesn't know what is going on ..

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Good Morning Bugs.....I hear you loud and clear..the thing is though, I decided to get involved in the Pan Trinbago election process on the persuasion of a cross section of members of steelbands including senior members as well as ordinary pannist from various bands who know me personally and know of my contribution to the Pan Trinbago organization during the 2000 - 2006 period and of the work I continue to do in the cultural and artistic sector. I am someone who likes order and organization. When I joined the Central Executive of Pan Trinbago during the Patrick Arnold Administration on the recommendation of Arnim Smith,a former president of Pan Trinbago, I was elected to the position of Assistant Secretary and worked closely with Richard Forteau for a period of six(6) years. Over that period, I got to know Richard Forteau as  hard working, committed and dedicated to the Pan Trinbago organization. I respected his experience and the depth of his institutional knowledge of the affairs of Pan Trinbago. During the 2000 - 2006 period, I never once formed the impression that Forteau was engaged in underhand or corrupt activity. The Forteau I know is person who put in long hours at the office, was very amiable, enjoyed good relations with many bands and very often could reach back in the history of the organization to clarify situations or craft a solution for an existing situation. He has been someone who brought a sense of stability to the organization over the years. So fast tracking to the current situation where the Pan Trinbago organization is on the ropes, taking punches to the head and body from inside and outside the organization, I wondered what was Richard's position in all of this.I had heard the accusations and the claims being made against the Executive.Now just to be clear, I believe in the Rule of Law I have practiced Industrial Relations,on both sides of the spectrum for many years. Like I said earlier, I like order and organization and if there are accusations against any person, put them through the process regardless who it is.Pan Trinbago is governed by a constitution which outlines the offences for which members or Officers could be held accountable. If you are accusing someone of misappropriation, the abuse of power,misfeasance, malfeasance or any other offence, put him/her to the sword in the contex of the rules and the constitution of the organization.I would not support misinformation, slander,and libelous statements being made in public against anyone. If you have the goods on anyone   the rule of law is the only prescription that applies in a civil society. So in the absence of facts to support accusations, I stand in support of Richard Forteau.The Rule of Law dictates that one must be give the right to be heard...plain and simple....using social media platforms to peddle misinformation, turning meetings into brawls, kicking in doors at the Head Office and instilling fear and intimidating staff members is not it.That is the mob, that brings Pan Trinbago into public odium and shame.that brings the organization into disrepute and cause embarrassment to genuine pan lovers locally, regionally and internationally. Of the candidates vying for the position of president I am endorsing Darren Sheppard. He is a young man with lost of experience in the Pan Trinbago organization and the steelpan music industry.He comes across as very confident and committed to his ideas for taking Pan Trinbago forward over the next three years.I have read the principles outlined in his Five Building Blocks plan of action and if elected I believe he can make a strong impression as President of Pan Trinbago. However in the final analysis, it is the delegates who will determine the leadership issue in Pan Trinbago.Hopefully they will get it right.

Very POWERFUL PASSAGE, Mr. Clarke!!!

So Mr. Clarke, since all the members of Pan Patriots your team, were all part of the most recent Central Executive I guess you are saying that they need another chance to get it right. And all the debt that has been incurred is just the cost of "learning" and/or "doing business" while practicing.

This is what we know: Diaz pointed fingers at your current team mates. And your current team mates pointed fingers at Diaz. And a significant number of the country's pan people don't like how pan business has been conducted for the last several years - some have not gotten paid, etc. etc. and several other well-documented "problems".

So how does one move forward with factors and symptoms of the same disease intact i.e. your preferred 'team members', and hope for a different result and better and more productive Pan Trinbago?


Mr. Clarke

You have done irreparable harm to your name. 

Is there no place in Trinidad and Tobago where "Shame" can live?


Election charade, Panorama Bankrupt.

"Under the glare of the spotlight of the international steel pan diaspora, the incumbents and the aspirants have represented themselves as nothing short of an embarrassment."

Sharmain Baboolal

Mr. Clarke: Brian Thomas write the article and yuh eh single him out; Cecil reply; Aquil reply; bugs rely; odw reply; merrtonestothebone reply -- and yuh eh single out NONE ah dem fellahs but you single out the man who say that PATRICK IS A SHELL OF A MAN.

And it just so happen that is the ONE MAN who could bear witness and tell you that from ONE GLANCE that PATRICK IS A SHELL OF A MAN just from looking at that picture. And it just so happen that the man yuh single out could come on THIS FORUM and write a 20-PAGE REPORT on MY TIMES WITH PATRICK ARNOLD and the OUR BOYS STEEL ORCHESTRA in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA.

Yes, Mr. Clarke, one look at that picture and I could tell you that the PATRICK ARNOLD in that picture is A SHELL OF THE PATRICK ARNOLD I virtually lived with on a day to day basis for over SIX YEARS. 

Good Morning Mr Gonzales, please don't take it personal, it was not my intention to single you out...to be honest I don't really know you but I have read a lot of the content you post on the WST forum, and  to tell you the truth Mr Gonzales sometimes I am taken aback by the very descriptive language of your commentary in describing persons who may have no way of defending themselves except by engaging in a tit for tat. But that is your style Mr Gonzales and I guess that it is up to the reader to make whatever they make of it.But going back to the Pan PatriotsTobago photograph,come on Mr Gonzales, of course Patrick is not the same as he was 25/30 years ago when he lived in the FRISCO Area...that era is long gone and Father Time and illness has taken its toll as will be the experience of all of us in one way or another. And if as you say you and Patrick were buddies in ah earlier time, I am sure that you too would if the opportunity arise try to give yuh long time pardner a look up.In fact I have the experience of going to Tobago with a friend of Patrick who was visiting for Carnival a few years ago. He called me and insisted that I go with him to Tobago to visit Patrick. He too knew Patrick from the early days of Our Boys. So bro there is a lot one can say about Mr Arnold's current situation, but the best we can do at this time is to wish him the best and leave the rest up to the Cosmos.A visit from time to time  from his long lost friends in Tobago would also be useful.........let's keep it clean.......peace!

Mr. Clarke: We will keep it clean!!! Everybody makes their contribution to PAN in their own way. To be honest, this is a kind of a HARD FORUM to just come and figure out like that. And very often NUANCE is lost in the expression even to the point of causing conflict.

But the truth is that a great segment of the regular readers and posters on THIS FORUM are against THE CURRENT EXECUTIVE. So coming on here and trying to defend them -- especially in this political climate -- you will get a lot of opposition.

However, WHEN STEEL TALKS runs an OPEN FORUM so you should make the best of these last two days and SELL YOURSELF and YOUR FORTEAU CREW as best you could.

I mehself just got dragged in to a NEW CAMPAIGN, so I have to go and do some work for them. And make sure you come back and join in the POST ELECTION DISCUSSIONS. Who knows? Maybe you and me can end up doing something SINGULARLY (as a team) for PAN. And, by the way, that has been part of MY AGENDA regardless of what you read!!!

Watch yourself Claude. You know how this concussion thing works.

I think Mr. Clarke will be calling you to visit Patrick Arnold with the crew the next time Team Patriot goes to Tobago.

But as ma boy Tones say - Cockroach have no business in fowl affairs...

;;;;;; Who piss D'Curry off?  Like he want the MVP award bad...



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