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This is how you PLAY CALYPSO in CALYPSO -- none of that Trinidad Panorama STUPIDNESS trying to SOUND WHITE!!! Calypso and Steelband is the CULTURE OF TRINIDAD!!!

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I have never ever heard a BETTER arrangement of any CALYPSO in a PANORAMA ARRANGEMENT in my life!!!

The New York arranger that I so highly praised tie me up -- but this is THE BEST!!!


Ah going back and listen!!!


Ah never hear NUTTEN like that before!!!

This is CLIVE BRADLEY 5.0!!!

Threading the CALYPSO IDIOM right through the arrangement ... LOCALS (and Local Arrangers) doh even understand what that means!!!

Yuh have to be born and grow up in TRINIDAD to appreciate this ARRANGEMENT -- yuh or your father could not have come on NO BOAT to understand THIS ARRANGEMENT!!!


Somebody finally show up and show PEOPLE how to arrange a CALYPSO with CALYPSO NUANCE -- instead of trying to be MIMIC MEN and WHITENING the CALYPSO IDIOM ... Yuh think that yuh could go to VIENNA and say yuh could play CLASSICAL -- yuh MAD oh meh LARD OH ... Vienna have more CLASSICAL than TRINIDAD, yuh see. Why neglect yuh STEELBAND CULTURE ... yuh makng me feel sad -- because CALYPSO and STEELBAND is the CULTURE OF TRINIDAD! 


TEN LISTENS -- and I am still STUNNED!!!

So many idiomic teases -- AH WANT TO BAWL!!!

WHEN STEEL TALKS: Allyuh is the MUSIC EXPERTS (whom I respect) -- but what allyuh think?


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