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When the MOVEMENT against KEITH DIAZ and the CURRENT CORRUPT GROUP OF EXECUTIVES first started, there are THREE FACES that I REMEMBER being prominent in the BATTLE.

DANE GULSTON and GREGORY LINDSAY and DUVONE STEWART. I was very surprised to see a HIGH LEVEL ARRANGER like DUVONE STEWART marching with the MASSES. But he was there providing support.

And there were a LOT OF WOMEN, but I did not know or recognize any of them. But they deserve recognition in the LONG RUN.

So when the NEW LEADERSHIP takes office later this year -- they should remember and reward those who BRUNG DEM TO THE DANCE!!!

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odw, I could see Aquil and Beverly doing great things.

I could see Byron Serrette and Gregory in the mix. Auditors?? C & C llp. Cecil and Claude, be ready.

Needed to clarify the use of the term in MIND, goes back to HONESTY and INTEGRITY those having hidden agendas...CHARACTER ETHICS.

All may have baggage. Always need to finetooth the rubble. Measure twice, three times, cut once.


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