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Through the EYES of the [PANORAMA] JUDGES PART 1: Sensitizing the PAN WORLD on the views of the JUDGES and the ARRANGERS

Aquil Arrindell (The Next President of Pan Trinbago) discusses PANORAMA JUDGES and JUDGING and ARRANGERS!!!


Part 3


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I didn't see the video, or was I looking for one, I'm too busy at this time with my Barristers at Law Attorneys, and the Copeland claim issue, plus a UT offer in Canada, all he/Aquil needs to do is remember the circle of 4ths & 5ths is about AMBIDEXTERITY/using both hands equally, in that way he will become one with the instrument, that will result in a state of being in a sort a trance at times, he will come out of it when he stops playing the instrument, IT, will take him where it needs to be/go, play the pauses, focus, and practice, and he'll will feel and see the vibrations around him, and don't worry about the "Boogsie Sharpe's" or anyone else,you already has the ability, what you actually needs is polishing, so focus on just the instrument period, you are already GREAT, so don't worry about IT...


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