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Time for Minister Dolly to make a move or leave. Players still waiting for pay..

Clearly the Pan Gangstas are still running the show. Minister Dolly has more than enough public evidence to indict the whole exec board at Pan Trinbago and more. There has been more than enough time to deal with this.

Exhibit A - eyewitness Bryon Serrette  https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/video/vp-serrete-resigns-from-pan-t... 

Exhibit B - Bryon Serrette's June report to Pan Trinbago Executive board

Exhibit C - PKF financial report https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/pan-trinbago-facing-34...

Exhibit D - Pan Trinbago's response 


Exhibit E - Luxury Cars waiting to be picked up. 

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We had an unlimited budget. But now that the gangsta trying to open an International Pan Trinbago, he has been deemed a flight risk. He has no Single Pan, Small Band, Medium Band or Large Band protection. And the crack-shots never got their money. The Minister may want us to wrap up this caper early for the Christmas release. Local public confidence is low and the global community is watching her closely.


Ah seein it already, this case go be tie up in court for the next 10 years, and if they allow Diaz to use Pan Trinbago lawyers  20.

Cecil: Diaz go be dead by then. Ah hear about posthumous awards but ah never hear about a posthumous JAIL SENTENCE.

Doh forget to tell the CANADIAN IMMIGRATION that ah eh coming again, eh.

bugs: You need to introduce a character called MR. MACCO. He always seems to be in the shadows and sees everything. Let's make him a little more sophisticated than the local down-to-earth MACCO in that he owns a laptop and documents every little piece of gossip he gets or MACCOING that he does.  The gangstas may kill MACCO in a home invasion only to find out that the LAPTOP is stored in some other YET TO BE DETERMINED LOCATION.

Nah Merrytones

Just making sure that this thriller gets five stars and the big name characters all get speaking parts in the spotlight worthy of their positions in prime time. This is ah gangsta Christmas Special. 


oh ho...lol

Love it tell them

Claude, like yuh want to fire the young Minister Boi, you mean she have to go back and ask Rowley for another $5 mil.to pay the players because she lost the fist one, ah know yuh always say Diaz go tie up she head, it look like she end up in the shit wid Diaz and dem

Cecil: I will defend the "young minister" for the first time on this forum. She had NO IDEA how much in debt PAN TRINBAGO was. And she did not have a clue about all the outstanding BANK LOANS and I am sure that it was a shock to her when she hand them the $5M with the right hand and the bank take it with the left hand.

So she should go back to the PM and explain the situation and then get a BRINKS VAN and park it by the savannah with the $5M IN CASH and personally pay it out to the PAN PLAYERS. Ah sure merrytonestothebone name on the list at least FIVE TIMES with all the CLEAN HANDS talk he like to give us on this forum.

...it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle for me to be a smartman...I still learning how to lie...lol...

People running scams depend on the gullibility of their victims as well as knowing that they will not be caught because of that very gullibility.

Nothing will be done about Pan Trinbago except for the withholding of funds in the future.

Whatever has been dons has already been done and excuses will be made and stuff swept under the carpet and red herrings will be swimming all over.

PT is a PRIVATE organization. The rules of business in TnT mean that a private organization is beyond the scrutiny of any government or minister.

When PT is given money by the state to run their affairs they do not have to account for any losses incurred however they may have been incurred.

The government can only say no more for you but can do little else.

It's up to the pan players whom they are supposed to represent to do something about it. They can sue collectively but probably will not win or they can simply refuse to comply or be associated with them.

But as usual all we do is complain and complain and do absolutely nothing about it.

Nobody dares to stand up and be counted, everyone still wants to follow the status quo and the money.

The best people to make a difference are the bands that do not win year after year, but those are the ones that need the stipend the most, so they will follow PT over the cliff for their measly ounce of flesh.


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