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Kudos and a very special thank you are being extended by the members of the " Slate" referred to as the New Visionaries to those band delegates who decided to take up the mantle and speak out on behalf of Fair Treatment which must be given to all delegates of member bands, and by extension the entire pan fraternity at meetings.
In the recently held meeting by Pan Trinbago at the CWU Hall on Henry Street, Port of Spain on the evening of Wednesday October 7th 2015, some band delegates stood up, steadfast and resolute to boldly voice their opinions, which resulted in two critical events occurring.
In the first event, some band delegates stated clearly that they were no longer willing to have the executive keep spending the funds of the organization on legal matters versus the New Visionaries. They felt that the funds [lawyers’ costs – which would be a hefty bill] could be put to better use in assisting bands in the fraternity. This appeared to garner wide support from all present.
In the second event, the rescinding of the “persona non grata” motion and the full reinstatement of the Directors of the New Visionaries was brought to the floor. This was done in the form of a motion to the membership present and the result is as follows: For – 36: Against – 4: Abstain– 4
Once again our heartfelt and heartiest thanks to all of you.

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Claude you have been right so many times when it comes to Diaz, we can't resist giving you some blows in this virtual reality for him.

But on a serious note - the New Visionaries must surround themselves with young, intelligent, dynamic and forward thinking people or it's game over.


Again Bugs you are on point. It must be a inclusive effort of all the stakeholders for a WIN.

Dear Sirs,

 Is it that there is discrimination, because a good and forthright WOMAN can be recognised by many as a new leader with different  leadership skills? or is it that she is a Tobagonian?, apparently to be viewed as a Tobagonian by some is still a crime.

Mrs. Ramsey is much younger than plenty of those who attend meetings and i can tell you the members of the NV, each of us, support youth and their energies and new forms of acquiring knowledge. But, they have to be properly trained and be given responsibilities to see their professional skills so that the opportunities can be passed on to those who show themselves  up. So many of our young women and men have attained Bachelors Degrees in Pan and have chosen another career path.
 If Diaz goes to many of the leading Bands in T&T, and mention that Beverly is a woman from Tobago and cannot run Pan Trinbago, Then there is no hope for advancement for ALL the female Pan Players  ( who make up the majority of most bands) in our nation.

Is it wrong for someone who has the necessary skills to have "too much political ambition?"

 It is quite obvious that she is the right fit for the position of "President of Pan Trinbago" 

Trevor, the majority of people here have no objections to Mrs Ramsey and wish her well.

Mr. Cooper: I should really BACK OUT of this discussion because we have completely different views on the future of PAN TRINBAGO. If the NEW VISIONARIES had any political awareness they would not even RESPOND to my postings.

I post on the forum -- JUST TO KEEP IT ALIVE. I don't run around talking about how much I LOVE THE PAN AND LOVE THE PAN. And I am always suspicious of anybody who uses that line as a calling card. Because as I have said many times ... those people are mostly trying to PIMP THE PAN.

Keith Diaz never does (respond) and I have must have posted at least 100 NEGATIVE ATTACKS on him over the years. This is an OLE TALK FORUM with people who do not have a clue as to what is going on in Trinidad -- including me. So why bother to respond?

Do you know how the PNM stayed in POWER for all those decades?

If it will help you guys WIN ... I will stay off the forum until after the elections. But you are not running against Claude Gonzales (the uninformed EXPAT). You are running against KEITH DIAZ (a SUPREME POLITICIAN) so expend your energies going from PAN YARD to PAN YARD and selling your candidate.

I am sure that Diaz is out there saying what he has to say to the delegates and I have a good idea of what he might be saying.

Too much political ambition leads to egocentrism and megalomania as can be seen in the UNITED STATES right now and with PATRICK MANNING. And POLICY gets lost in the shuffle.

I will stay out of these discussions until after the elections.

As Cecil said, the Majority of us on this Forum in favor of the NV toppling Keith Diaz regardless who the representative is, man or woman.

People taking Claude Gonzales too seriously, he does not like Diaz, Claude just like to keep the Forum going with ah lot of Ole Talk and Serious Talk, allyuh cyah take Basket or Wat? This is Trinidadian Oui,  

Claude My Bro. You are One of the Best Contributors on this Forum. Never Feel Intimidated By Anyone. You have been Making Salient Points Most of the Times. What I myself Has Discovered on this Forum is that a Lot of Contributors Cant Handle The Truth. They See Things with Tunnel Visions and are Upset when anyone Tries to Enlighten them to Certain Truths. It Happens with Me All the Time so I Know. ''Keep on Trucking on My Bro.

Sorry, i do not normally take on old talk on WST forums, but just thought i wanted to know how you were thinking, i was not sure, that is why my response was in question form. So, keep on being yourself. 

Mr. Cooper: You don't have to say "sorry" to me about anything. There are some serious issues being discussed on this forum and we all have tough skins.. And there are dedicated people who work hard to keep the forum alive. A forum like this without facial expressions and hand gestures and TONE OF VOICE and physical animation plus reading disabilities leave room for much misunderstanding on the forum. But over time things and people sort themselves out.

But I have a question for you: Why the NEW VISIONARIES only come to the forum when they are in need of political help? How come the NEW VISIONARIES never fed us with any INSIDE INFO on the corruption in Pan Trinbago to fight Diaz publicly on this forum?

And I would like you to tell me what qualifies Beverly to be president of Pan Trinbago.

Claude, are you suggesting that Diaz will wage a "NO BEVERLY" campaign?

How did the "NO ROWLEY" campaign work out?

Lilian: The "NO ROWLEY" slogan lacked content and emotional appeal. The "WOMAN FROM TOBAGO" (derision) arouses chauvinism and territoriality and a little bit of xenophobia and FEAR OF LOSS when placed in the vernacular.

For example, Keith Diaz is standing in the PAN YARD talking to the boys and drinking some beers which he bought with PAN TRINBAGO MONEY and then he says to them: "So allyuh go let some woman come from Tobago and take control ah we PAN and then she go give all the money to dem Tobago Steelbands and leave allyuh starving, allyuh stupid or what. Allyuh know allyuh could count on me because I does always pass and run something."


Claude:  the NR and NB campaigns would have the following in common: xenophobia, territoriality and  racism/chauvinism (fear of the 'other').

"Allyuh" not 'stupid' and a there are lots of women in the bands these days. Besides-how many Pan Yards are operational before elections?

Or are you talking about 'back-room deals'.

Not arguing-just asking questions. I would not place a bet either way


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