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Kudos and a very special thank you are being extended by the members of the " Slate" referred to as the New Visionaries to those band delegates who decided to take up the mantle and speak out on behalf of Fair Treatment which must be given to all delegates of member bands, and by extension the entire pan fraternity at meetings.
In the recently held meeting by Pan Trinbago at the CWU Hall on Henry Street, Port of Spain on the evening of Wednesday October 7th 2015, some band delegates stood up, steadfast and resolute to boldly voice their opinions, which resulted in two critical events occurring.
In the first event, some band delegates stated clearly that they were no longer willing to have the executive keep spending the funds of the organization on legal matters versus the New Visionaries. They felt that the funds [lawyers’ costs – which would be a hefty bill] could be put to better use in assisting bands in the fraternity. This appeared to garner wide support from all present.
In the second event, the rescinding of the “persona non grata” motion and the full reinstatement of the Directors of the New Visionaries was brought to the floor. This was done in the form of a motion to the membership present and the result is as follows: For – 36: Against – 4: Abstain– 4
Once again our heartfelt and heartiest thanks to all of you.

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This is good to know Lilian. Claude and Team Diaz sweating bullets now. LMAO


Cecil,I do believe that quite a few learned something from this unhappy episode,and the deafening silence of the NVPF to my question regarding the appeal matters before the court,ensures that I am on a sharp learning curve.

Oswald: That is what I was asking you to expand upon when I made the "quid pro quo" comment earlier. Fill us in some more!!!


Let me attempt to give paint a picture with my limited knowledge of all that have transpired so far.

(1) Directors of the NVPF were accused of publicizing the financial statement of PT, before it was presented to,and discussed by the members of PT.

(2) Some members thought that they (NVPF) were not acting in the best interest of PT,and asked for sanctions against them,while some asked for more dialogue.

(3) A motion from the floor was tabled,asking that the Directors of NVPF be declared "Persona non Grata",this was passed by the majority of the floor members present.

(4) The Directors of NVPF,took PT to court,appealing the decision of the majority of PT floor members (present at meeting)

(5) The executive of  PT cannot change the decision of the floor.

(6) A special meeting  was called( last Wednesday Oct.7 2015),and after much discussion and heated debate,a motion was tabled to have the "Persona non Grata" status of the Directors of NVPF be removed,this motion was supported by the most of the members present.Members were disgusted with all the recent court matters and thought that it was in the Steelbands interest to stop ALL matters before the court.

The Directors of NVPF are now quite free to attend meetings,be nominated,to vote,and to be voted into office......The Directors of NVPF have publicly thanked those members who voted to put an end to these court battles,but have not publicly stated if they have withdrawn their matters before the courts.

I have tried my best to give a true account of the issue,I may have left out some details..... I hope readers would have a better understanding of this Persona non Grata episode. 


Mr. Alexander: You could be an investigative reporter for the TRINIDAD GUARDIAN. Thanks for the update. Meh mother did tell meh that every coin have TWO SIDES. So we need to know if the NVPF are going to live up to their end of the bargain. Because it looks like if they don't -- MORE BACCHANAL WILL START.

Ah like your recap!!!! Let's see what the readers have to say. I think that the readers should get brave and come and share their opinions at this crucial time. Nobody doh cuss yuh and abuse yuh for your opinions on this forum any more

We get CIVILZED now!!!

And this is a crucial discussion for all who say that they so LOVE PAN!!!


Please read Trevor Cooper's reply to me,as he would have corrected me on NVPF status re: court matters.

oswald, from where I sit I'll have to say that the NVPF will address your question soon because there's just a matter of days before the election, this is not the time for a "deafening silence"

Good Night Mr. Alexander,

This is to clear the air on the "Persona non grata" concept in which a motion  was presented and moved during a meeting conducted by PT executive against the members of the New Visionaires. Again our only form of redress was to go to one of our lawyers, who specialises in constitutional law to try and defend this matter. A two page letter was written to the executive of Pan Trinbago spelling out the inconsistencies of their illegal action. 

They never responded nor neither did their legal representatives. Actually, the letter was a Pre Action Protocol letter which requested that if there was no response Legal Action would have been initiated against them, but our lawyer advised us to hold our hand, and await the judgement of the Appeal court.

There is no case in any court against the  Pan Trinbago executive, the only matter that we the NV vs Pan Trinbago was the Appeal by PT against the initial  decision submitted by Justice Rahim.

Actually, they have not read to the membership at any meeting the instructions from their lawyers of the law firm FitzWilliam, Stone and Alcazar,reminding them of the decisions of the Appeal court's Judges.

But to reiterate my point there is NO matter in court.  

Trevor, my understanding is that it was a motion of the floor (majority voted),that declared your fellow directors and you "Persona non Grata" and it was another motion of the floor (again,majority voted ) that lifted that status.

Anyway,I am happy to hear that we can move forward,without the constraints of any legal matters.

Please accept my apology for any/all inaccuracies I have posted.

Much regards.




 I can say of the NV team, that we are interested in the advancement of pan. We had spent over Three Hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to defend a matter dealing with the constitution of PanTrinbago Inc. and inlike long time everybody were afraid of victimisation. Our bands were not given contracts to play out by PT, but we stayed and defended against the odds. So we are honored that eventually, some representatives of member bands have realised that all along we were speaking the truth and have come to our defence. We are expecting more, because with us at the helm , the majority of bands must benefit.


I am so happy to know this that's democracy at work.............congratulations


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