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Veterans Day Embraces 2 Trinis who served in Vietnam and elsewhere

Global - ....Veterans Day is officially observed on November 11.  So, it’s the memory of the Vietnam War and how Gerry and I both fought it as soldiers of the First Infantry Division (The Big Red One).

....It has been 50 years, and only now we reminisce about our experiences. We can jumpstart and even further improve our goal to satisfy readers’ interest in what we have to say about our sprawling commentary on Pan in the early period of the Behind the Bridge story of our experiences prior to our migration to the United States.

....For me, the war will never be in remission. It’s an indelible tattoo on my mind. I spent eight days in a hospital upon my return home from the war.

....They had me recuperating at the US Naval Base in Chaguaramas. There, I was fed more Thorazine. 

The Brass gave me a break and I stumbled through Port of Spain, where I reconnected with Neville Jules and Leon “Smooth” Edwards at the Henry Street panyard.

They saved my ass. Jules thought I was a vagrant.  You drunk? No.  Looks like you on drugs?  Ain’t no dope I ever smoked, you know that, CAP.  Never smoked.  Thorazine, courtesy of the Military Base. 
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Good day Dalton

This is one of your best. Thank you for sharing.


Much appreciation, Bugs. Thank you. You're always on the frontline with your esteemed commentary.

Looking forward. Dalton Narine

We take so much for granted here in this sweet T&T...

Merrytonestothebone, I understand where you're coming from, whether it's about the Middle East or the Far East or the Chinese at war with its people and students, people everywhere are fighting for their lives and bending to the Status Quo for the best they can do for their family. It's that simple in the beginning lest things go topsy turvy and it's back to dealing with the Man all over again. Yes, War is Hell, Sir. Unless John Public sets the pace.

Blessings to Country and family.

Dalton...Two years ago my former employers, Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited went to Vietnam and Cambodia for their Overseas Sales Convention...as their retired graphic artist I was tasked with promoting the event internally...I had great difficulty researching the project online...the stories, the photos etc...moreso I still cannot wrap my mind around the Vietnamese people using relics of the war as a tourist attraction...

I get your point Merrytones. Understand that, and suffice to say, the Vietnamese had run through the Ho Cho Minh grill, The French Grill and worst, the American grill. So Relics of war, their war, have given them the opportunity to showcase their new lifestyle as Vietnam, now "their Country." When you were over there, they must have established themselves as  entrepreneurs, albeit on a low financial level. But it was just a start. Today, and I've gone back to write a magazine piece about their Postwar historic vacation standout, considering that Vietnam is one of the world's newest playground. Tourism is key. The relics, I believe are just a reminder of the hardship the country had been undergoing -- through decades of American and North Vietnam Titanic play until reunification refinanced their goals. It happened, I believe, when I was leaving a hotel for the Airport and three Vietnamese men bullied me for more money or else I'd miss my flight. I was ready to blow them away until an American CIA official walked in and saved the day for them. The CIA officer paid them and I was off to Tan Son That Airport. PS: Don't doubt it. Tourism has been a great boon to  Vietnam.


Claude, Thank you for the pedestal. But I'd like to see the world turning in the direction of the populace. We are the people. We can't afford to drop our guard just so, all the time. The power is too deep and in your face day in and night out. From our end, Gerald Carter and myself thank the multiple thousands of troops to continue carrying on where we had left off, back home to contemplate what we had done to pull the Brass' bootstraps, for when the war ended, mankind groaned about keeping the end in sight, so that our loved ones would never have to clean up man's inhumanity to man, Gerry and I having been deep in the jungle and resolved to continue life without twirling the threads of  war into the noise. Mankind is so hard of hearing that he blocks out such noise with an array of end of time weaponry AND, worst of all, his BOMBs. (or as the Vietnamese kids would say, Bombies). They had it worse. Google these kids and watch how they play. Most walk with their hands and play with their feet. This is America's future. We dropped napalm on their villages and now they're deformed. I am disabled.

Thanks for sharing your story and for serving.  Will be anxiously awaiting your screenplay.  Blessings!

Thank you, Ms. Jagbir. All the meds that I take night and day certainly slow me down, though they have actually saved my life and now help to maintain my goal. Final Draft awaits early next year. It means I've come a long way. Thank you for your blessings.

 blessings mr narine

 i am one of those who  like it or not love vietnam  movies and documentaries

 this is a masterpiece

 thought it was the script for another hamburger hill

   all the best to you and family

  thanks for sharing

Dalton,  thank you for sharing your experiences.  I thank Pan Times and WST for reposting it... even tho I read it back in 2019.  With my age bracket I need to reread important  articles.



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