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Today's question for the WST posse- don't want to miss anyone, you know who you are....

Here's today's question for pan people.
I have this theory .
First , tell me if you all agree , because if I'm right , it opens a lot of options.

We all know that governments around the world support culture.

I believe that the funding available to Pan Trinbago , is actually the government's contribution to the steelpan art-form as part of their contribution to culture.

Therefore , those funds should be available to the steelbands with or without Pan Trinbago , its only a matter of how to gain access to those funds.

The problem is however , that the incorporation act of 1986 gives Pan Trinbago the sole authority to manage those funds .

So , as a practical matter where do we go from here ?

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You have to DISSOLVE PAN TRINBAGO. And then you need a MAJOR CONFERENCE ON PAN (ALL INCLUSIVE) to come up with an organization that addresses YOUR DISTRIBUTION and the myriad issues that need to be confronted and resolved by the STEELBAND MOVEMENT.

The reality is Pan Trinbago is a bankrupt organization unable to carry out the duties assigned/incorporation by the act of 1986. I don’t see any new organization functioning like a CEPEP or URP for pan men and women.

I would recommend Salah Wilson’s document for review…dated December 17th 2010

A Ministry Exclusively for the Steelpan in Trinidad & Tobago
The end point must not be just talk or a good document; rather it should be the basis of a blueprint to establish a movement for this worthy cause...http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2012/may/a-ministry-for-steelpan-5-...

Dissolve the Corporation, task the leaders of the various bands for a representative to form a Pan body with a government representative as an overseer, this representative will be responsible for the distribution and accountability of the allocated funds (the citizen of T&T taxes)


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