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Tokyo players in compound stand-off with used-car dealer Pan in danger

Trinidad Guardian

The Tokyo Steel Or­ches­tra will not be com­pet­ing in this year's Panora­ma com­pe­ti­tion, in large part due to a used-car deal­er from the John John area al­leged­ly re­fus­ing to re­move dozens of ve­hi­cles from their pan yard.

This is the first time since the in­cep­tion of the Panora­ma in 1963 that Tokyo Steel Or­ches­tra will not be par­tic­i­pat­ing in the com­pe­ti­tion.

Ear­li­er this week, Tokyo Steel Or­ches­tra's chair­man Os­wald God­dard wrote Pan Trin­ba­go in­form­ing them of the band's de­ci­sion not to par­tic­i­pate in this year's Panora­ma cit­ing "fi­nan­cial dif­fi­cul­ties" as the rea­son for the pull-out.

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The crime situation in Trinidad is terrible. Gangs infiltrate the whole place. Tokyo was a great band, their own people from the area messing up as usual. Tell me what young teenager would be interested in what the education minister just said, that he is pushing pan in schools, when their  bands are under attack. And innocent people can get killed easily to, for defending their right to play music for carnival. May have to follow Despers footsteps.

What does that have to do with anything 

Tokyo 1985...DESTINATION TOKYO STEEL ORCH. "Pan in Danger"

Tokyo now 2018...

2018 Small Bands Panorama Semis: Tokyo Steel Orchestra (22nd place)

Would the DRAFT NOTE TO CABINET PANYARD REGULARIZATION PROJECT, if implemented help secure the property for them???


Tokyo - No Wuk for Carnival HD

Steelband Panorama Finals 1994

Steelband Panorama Finals 1998

Tokyo - Symphony On The Street HD

Carib Tokyo - Special Brew (slow version)

Arranger Ray 'Soul of Pan' Holman

I just read the article and seems very peculiar that the renter is stating the owner (Tokyo) has other rooms in the pan yard to conduct it's practice. Who's the Boss?

"He said apart from the out­side area where the cars are parked there are rooms in­side the pan yard that can be utilised if the band want­ed to."

A panyard is "hollowed ground"... No place for a car dealership...

Lord! I have known Tokyo located on the hill there for over 60 years.  How is it that becuz of a temporary rental agreement they could end up losing their space.    Seems to me that this Mr.Booney always wanted their spot and had been daily pushing them out of their own space.   How is it that for the past five years he would "move out some cars" from their space in order for the band to practice for local shows.  That was "bull shit" .  Then after an event even more cars would be added.  So how Tokyo  management allow that to continue..  that is also "bull shit".    Money talks so I expect very soon Mr. Boney would be the owner of that precious piece of land that is sacred to Tokyo.

The Ministry of Culture better not let that happen.

Carib Brewery should step up to the plate and put their company in the historical archives of their support for our national instrument.

Brenda H .

The National and God Given Instrument of T&T  the Steelpan/Steelband  is hindered because of one man;s ignorance ,,welllll  ?????? unbelievable.

After spending 8 years in Curacao i would have loved to see this car dealer doing this huhhhh..believe me


Nice to hear from you EBENEZER!!!

You should tell us about your CURACAO PAN experience some time!!!

Many thanks Claude for your  reply, well maybe some members may think that i am a just come ,,so let me state that i a an old member of WST ,and a Steelpan Tuner Trainer and Arranger not a Bobo,further is that on my remigration back to Suriname in 2016 after spending 8 years in Curacao i made a 9 man Steelband Totally Free Of Charge   the Old Fashion way using the 5 kilogram Sledge Hammer and other necessities used for Steelpan making, giving back to the community  in Nieuw Nickerie Suriname whole heartedly , let me emphatically state that Curacaonars aren,t easy people they don,t stick nonsense  believe me ,this should be the answer to negative remarks, now i do feel that WST has  given us the opportunity to voice our opinion about the Steepan,Steelbands and its Players in a positive way and not for us to be attacking each other on the forum,we would gain nothing by being sarcastic , my respect to each and everyone on WT that,s my quality ,Claude relevant to Steelpan /Steelband in Curacao its a one man show something ,,whenever the 7 story Tourist Liners visit Curacao and Dock, i had encountered  a small group of   player sbut there was no discipline so i never  returned,for Steelpan Playing is DISCIPLINE ,,there is another fella who played the Tenor Pan with his wife on the Drum Set and an Electric Bass Player ,,they do not perform regularly,,during my stay in Curacao there was a War Ship and a Submarine  from Holland /Nederland that came with a Steelband and had performed in Otrabanda ,i would try  to send a video of their performance,,in closing i do extend my total respect to each and everyone hereon,,God Bless.   


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