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Total Disrespect! Total Advantage! Total Destruction (coming)! Say NO to HADCO.

How stupid will a steelpan Builder - Tuner - Grover be to go and work for HADCO.

We are trying as a people to be INDEPENDENT … we are trying to put slavery behind us.

I encourage all steelpan Builders, Tuners and Groovers to continue to work for yourself BE YOUR OWN BOSS, chart your own course and MOST IMPORTANTLY MAKE 100% OF THE MONEY YOU WORK FOR.

Try to be STRONG, steelpan makers. Don’t fall for an  “easy” pay cheque. The long term ramifications to our culture far outweigh this shortsighted offer.

Senior steelpan makers should unite and try to preserve ownership of this industry for our future generations. Accepting this as an alternative is surrendering our heritage to corporate monopoly.

The Steelpan is for the people. How could it possibly be ok with us for one private company to roll in (Jeff Bezos/Amazon style) and monopolize a whole industry for personal gain. Accepting this move quietly is saying yes to closing down an entire sector in the long term.

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Trust me!!! I know more about how that OUTSIDE PAN DEMAND MARKET WORKS than MOST PEOPLE  -- and all they are doing is trying to EXPLOIT PAN LABOUR in TRINIDAD.

Why don't they do a LONG TERM INVESTMENT in TRAINING YOUNG PEOPLE to develop THEIR PROGRAM and paying them a decent SALARY along the way?

BEVERLEY joined up with these EXPLOITERS just so that she could FOOL PAN PLAYERS and win the election. But I know THE OUTSIDE GAME with this PAN TING more than any living person outside of MAPPO and ROLAND HARRIGAN and GERARD CLARKE and PAN MAX and PAN YARD and all the other WHITE PAN PRODUCERS in AMERICA and CANADA.


So Claude... If Hadco offer to fund my creative effort... and I agree...Am I wrong?....

merrytonestothebone: Is SALMON CUPID who put up the posting and yuh making me responsible. Tackle SIMON CUPID NAH!!!

However, I consider myself to be QUITE INFORMED on this topic -- so I will give you a short answer.

Any PAN TUNER who could make a HALFWAY DECENT PAN anywhere in the world automatically becomes a PRIVATE INDEPENDENT BUSINESS MAN. Because that is a REAL RARE TALENT -- and the GLOBAL DEMAND for DECENT PANS is matched by about 5% in actual production. So once a man makes a decent PAN he could sell it for himself in all quarters of the world -- with ease. So why would he then go work for somebody else and then make a PAN and hand it to HADCO and say you go sell it now at TOP PRICE and then pay me a percentage of the SALE PRICE when he could get the full 100 percent and expand his own marketing to his own benefit every time he sells a PAN?

You know how many PAN TUNERS I witness come through the BAY AREA over decades -- and everyone was SELF-EMPLOYED and flying all over the country and the world as UNIQUELY SKILLED INDIVIDUALS who are treated like ROYALTY when they arrive in town.

HADCO will get TRAINEES working for them -- which is not a bad system -- and they could hire old crippled PAN TUNERS to teach the TRAINEES. And it might take them 10 years for the venture to become profitable.

But NO TALENTED ACTIVE PAN TUNER will sign on that dotted line -- it makes no financial sense for them to do so.

Find out how the meeting went yesterday ... I already know!!!

While I hear you loud and clear...unless the tuner is contracted to work for Marco "solely" I see nothing wrong with working for them and maintaing a private clients well...Afterall pianists in de mecca accustomed to dat...

Plus...Ah done answer Salmon as well...

This is a sure way to stifle the artistic part of Pan - not just from Playing pan but from the building and tuning aspects - who wants cookie cutter pans? - no one I know.  When you teach steel pan - part of your learning is the "ART" of building and tuning, this en devour takes the "ART" out of the picture.  You cannot monopolize art.  I look forward to hearing from the  Ellie, Guppy not a company.

I certainly cannot see how this would benefit any individual other than the exploiters.  I cannot see how it would benefit Trinidad and I definitely am at a loss as to how this would benefit pan. Hopefully the builders and tuners will resist.  It would be a sad day and the end of pan as we know it if all pan sounds the same. A big thumbs down to this !

All the arguments in these posts are relevant, but I have a question: do you have enough youths willing to learn and carry on the traditional knowledge, go through the apprenticeship period and then teach in turn? If you do, you are good to go. If not, you need to explore alternatives, maybe some kind of compromise between mass production and craftsmanship. 

But Claude. isn't Panland the same type of company?...Me eh hear nobody complaining about them?...

If you insist on drawing me out, I will take the bait: THE MOST RACIST COUNTRY THAT I HAVE EVER LIVED IN IS TRINIDAD and TOBAGO!!! And that is the CRUX of this debate.

Now yuh get me in BIG TROUBLE ... ah thought yuh was MY FRIEND!!!

Yeah...we know that...But Panland doing the same thing...Their owner racist too?...

That is why I used myself as an example...In promoting the e-book I reached out to both Pantrinbago and the Min of Education...only to get ah set ah "sweet talk" from both....So if some "foreigner" offer to set meh up nice and I agree...Am I supporting racism?...

The hard reality of internet marketing is (you fill i the blanks).  Facebook and Youtube notwithstanding; Jeff Bezos?


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