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Valentine sah:
Let me share a lil secret wid you and if yuh think ah wrong, is alright. Ah could handle it.
The All Stars crowd (excuse me, Mas Players) are the smartest bunch of people on the island each year come carnival time. And the most intelligent.
Think about it.....
Where in Heaven's name can you get some of the sweetest pan music (ah know right now yuh hearing the steady ringing of the iron), some of the sweetest tuned pan in the world, some of the most creatively arranged pan music, be in the heart and centre of the bacchanal, for two whole fantastic days, under a blistering tropical sun, sipping and drinking any damn alcoholic beverage your parched palette desires, amidst bevies of beautiful women of all shapes and forms, ....... FOR THAT PRICE???? No where else in Trinidad. And no where else in the world!!

While we try to discuss on these forums which band put dong de bess piece ah pan music, which pan arranger is a genius, how best to bring pan back on de road, which band get teef, wot mas has come to,.......pan dis and pan dat,..........the All Stars fraternity is simply enjoying Carnival. Year after year. For 50% of dem, Carnival is pan. And for the other 50%? Pan is Carnival.

Let me quote you, "They are not really interested in Band of the Year. Just having a Fun and Playing Themselves."

Well, who let the proverbial pussy outta the bag now? They playing themselves every year. Isn't that what they did in 2012? They even played "Play Yuhself". And they rocked the Savannah to a Panorama win. Sweet, sweet pan music.
Do you realize that all the "excitement" this year was All Stars? They even played "Excitement" at Panorama and was edged into a second place by one point. Then what? That calibre of pan music is theirs for the next two whole days. And for those dollars? Ah tell yuh ––– they jess hoping nobody else finds out. They laffing at all ah we.

And now that they win Band Of The Year, watch out. One guy say he hoping All Stars play a sailor mas next year. But this time he go iron he pants. Anuda woman say nex year she want to play a mas with beads –– with 5 beads,....and two ah dem go be perspiration. She female friend interject immediately and say, "Is or-rite, child ....we go have plenty powder."

While we talking bout LIFE,........the All Stars crowd, fraternity, mas players living it.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! BTW - In MY opinion, "you was robbed" in the Panorama finals. NO dissin' Boogsie, but MAN! All Stars was ON POINT!!! (Again, MY opinion.)

Ghost. Who Does More Than Talk. REGARDLESS of what happens tomorrow, I put MY money where my mouth is, and WALKED THE WALK! And, THAT is what HISTORY will record; not Talk...WALK! Hope to see you all tomorrow. Have a great, safe evening!

This adds a further History to the Steelband movement, First Silver Stars now All Stars. Great Stuff, Congratulations!

Peter, I like how you are deLight-ed with All Stars.LOL.   Bertel Starlift does not play the same mas every year. This year was China In it's Glory, last  year was an Indian mas and if you go back through the many years Starlift won downtown on Mondays you will see what I'm talking about.

Gerald, hold on,........hold on a minute.......ah getting some strong vibes here......Listen! I bet you a case of Carib right now, that, ...... that you are left-handed. Doe worry. Just make sure the beers and dem cold. I have ah opener. :-)

I concede Gerard! I wish someone would say the same for All Stars!

Ambidextrous Peter,but yeah a bit more left handed than right handed, so you will get half a case of the beers!

Looks like both of us is the same Gerard,

All Stars won by DEFAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin  LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

Buh that is not All Stars' fault!! :-) If you want, Gavin, you could say is the "asphalt". After all, ...is sweet pan on de ROAD.

As Cecil say when Phase2 cut All Stars arse by one point, "You could call it what you want Phase ll went home with the cash prize."
Is there a monetary prize associated with the "Band of The Year" title?

Mea culpa, mea culpa.

All right, pan people, I have a concession.

It is ironic that my band should be the one to disprove one of my arguments for moving panorama to later in the year, which is that the demands of panorama makes it virtually impossible for steelbands to make a credible presentation on the road at carnival.

Obviously, it can be done by a well organized, mature and professional organization such as Trinidad all Stars.

So I was wrong.

However I still maintain that for the future growth and development of the Trinidad Panorama as the international standard setter for the steelband,it should be de-coupled from carnival and the carnival mentality, and there are several other reasons why I think this would make sense..

I'm sure we can come up with other ways of enjoying and celebrating the pan at carnival time, and especially over the critical carnival weekend. 


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