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All stars won band of the with a regular sailor band that's laughable.

i don't think it's "laughable" at all, nor do i think is joke.  Here is a post i saw on FB yesterday - to me,  THIS is the WHOLE POINT.

"Yuh cah play Mas and fraid Powder!...


2014 will be remembered as the year that the Port of Spain Carnival died with the Mardi Gras ascendent, the Canboulay routed. However in the ashes of the battlefield one could see rear-guard action by the Canboulay Forces...

This year- 2014- the Steelbands came out in force to defend the Legacy of the Golden Age. The whole rank and file of the Pan Movement came out in force on the road on Monday and Tuesday as if to prove a point. They are at the Heart-Centre of the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival and they showed that they could rescue the thing... None moreso than All Stars who organised themselves in Traditional Sailor glory to prove the power of the Traditional Mas even in its simplest form, the power of community, and the power of Pan organised!!!...

It is clear to me that it is Steelband and the Traditional Mas that will save us. Walking the streets this year I was more clear of that than ever!"


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