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Trinidad and Tobago should have some kind of record for calypsonians

This is the year 2011.  In this day and age of computers.. There aught to be in our library records of all our musicians  - calypsonians, and steelbands---- and name the many known steelband men and there are many. Where are all the committees and Associations . they should be  writing all these records in some kind of book  that the public can lookup  or even purchase.. Come on  all you important people. get moving.

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I agree with you 100%..., it's a shame that in this day an age when websites and facebook accounts are free of charge that very few have taken on some of these challenges.

The online registry that is required has been established by the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company for the entire entertainment industry. Check it at ttentonline.com


I am a Vincentian [St.Vincent] and have two children playing Pan and have recorded the dates they started and the type of pans they started with and all other aspects necessary. However I dont know how many parents have done this but regarding the Arts there are only stories which are to be told. In terms of documentation its virtually non-existent . In fact I think sometimes we dont pay much attention to it until there is some "Bacchanal" in relation to where it all began ,who was responsible,what were the challenges,among a host of other things.It is our job/responsibility to make sure that our history which is very rich be properly documented and made available by all the means we have today to ensure that our legacies are truthfully known , not just to us and our children,countries or region but to the world. The need to get the youths involved can never be overemphasised especially when we see how they grasp and gravitate towards the advances in technology which must be utilised for such ventures.The ball is in our court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Please go to www.nalis.gov.tt and search for the name(s) you want. or open it up on Facebook. There is a Heritage Library and the info is being compiled from as far back as possible.


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