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The T & T Govt' need to make Carnival Monday "Steelband day" so we can save the Steelbands in Trinidad & Tobago. Make it a Law that there will be no Big Boom Boxes/ Speakers on those Big Trucks on that day, and the Police need to enforce the Law. The only Music on the road on Carnival Monday will be the Steelband. Please, Please, T & T help us, help our National Instruments, "The Steel Pan". The Government are the only ones that can save the "Steelbands".

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You make some good points , Randi . One of my other arguments has been that we've never  really been professional about playing music for masqueraders.

That is another thing we must consider.

A professional approach would mean:

A decent repertoire of music.  Most bands would be unable to do this because of the demands of panorama.

I remember in the late sixties , early seventies as the panorama became the main focus , masqueraders would complain about the limited repertoire. People would say "allyuh could only play one tune ". That was an exaggeration , but that's how many felt.

Dependable and steady players - there are enough panists available that bands should be able to use them in shifts. There should be no empty racks

A presentation that is impressive enough to create a musical impact on the streets.

And when I talk about government and NCC involvement I am referring to them getting together to set parameters so that the bands can function in a pan friendly environment.

And then , it may take a few carnival cycles to make changes , since change isn't easy, but we shouldn't be discouraged.

Again I say that this would take commitments from many ,not just pan people , if the role of the "national instrument" in our culture is truly appreciated and advanced. 

My feeling about the steelband in the land of its birth is "If it cannot make it there , it cannot make it anywhere"

Unfortunately, with all the talk , many of us don't really believe in the power of the pan.

Bede Lopez I will like to agree with you but in T&T that will never happen because of money and the mas bands. I have a great idea for Pan Trinbago and pan lovers on the whole to show them how pan is so powerful and to inject the interest and I hope the pan body reads this because you know they are always ease dropping on this site. Lets reshuffle the usual Panorama schedule and keep the Panorama semi finals on carnival Saturday since this is considered the biggest competition/fete/lime in the whole island and then have the finals the Saturday after carnival. Think  about this seriously because the pan semis will even be bigger and better because all the foreign locals will be in town for the carnival.I know the local hypocrites will say what about 'lent'. My answer to that will be what lent ! Change is good and this is the only way to keep the interest in pan for carnival ! More people attend the pan semis than the finals and that's is a fact. We keep the pan finals on carnival Saturday any way so by changing it to the pan semis will not upset the NCC schedule. Seriously let's make this a topic for discussion and try to interject this great idea in Pan Trinbago's blood so they could work with the NCC . The pan semis is bigger and better than any one of those all inclusive fetes in Trindad. Nuff said  !       


I will support this whole heartedly for personal reasons. It would mean I can see more bands, play mas and go off to Tobago for a good rest and relaxation after carnival.

The one stumbling block is the inclusion of Tobago bands semi finals on Carnival weekend would make it impossible for the large bands to get back to the paradise island with sufficient time for Tobago carnival. It would be a logistical nightmare. Good idea though!


Gentlemen good idea but I'm afraid as it is now for the steelband to stand on their own it is better if panorama is held 1-2 months after carnival, the reason is that you want bands to learn a few songs for the season. If panorama is held before carnival the bands that ran out might park up their instruments.

Randi the Tobago bands have the whole of Sunday to travel back home. The Govt spending unnecessary massive amount of money on military armored wartime vehicles so I am sure by now they have  sufficients boats that travel back and forth the sister land. Also quite a lot of these Tobago steelband players  actually come to Port of Spain with their families for carnival.

I agree. Is there a petition or something where we can amplify this request, happening?

Feels strange to be asking the Gov't to allow steelbands on the street for carnival in the Land of the Steelband. Talk about loss of honor!

This is exactly what our National instruments need...let us therefore at least be positive about it. Why shoot it down so quickly? Why not focus on the milk and the honey in our land, rather than the locusts and the giants?

WE need to get the TT Gov to enforce the law on Noise Pollution first.

Those huge trucks blast horns, have noisy generators  and dare to pump up the volume far too high on the streets. If the bands were a reasonable and mangeable size then one band should be enough for all to dance to.

I have often signalled to the trucks entering competition on the streets that a steelband is around the corner, half will douse the sound, but the others either make rude signs, shout at me or put the noise even further. 

If the Lorry organisers were charged then they'll get the message and there'll be room for both sets of bands.

Good point JAT, playing mas these days could do serious damage to the body, lets see we have the loud noise from the DJ, smoke from the big trucks, hot sun, nuff  alcohol you could die from playin mas.

Fair point, but this is what happens with the Americanisation & Jamaicanisation of our

culture. 'Hands in the air', 'Dancehall', 'DJ-ing', Sound-systems where they just play what

they like, or are instructed to play; crap lyrics and all the rest, are killing our cultural heritage.

The Ministry of Culture could introduce some imaginative ideas to stop the hemmoraging of

our cultural values, rather than awarding million-dollar prizes to mediocre artistes. 


Anthony Corbin, how do we tell the Ministry of Culture that they are responsible for seeing T&T remain T&T.

Consider the farce of the 'road march'. How is this determined? Who gives the prize?

How much is it? Who controls the sound systems? Who decides what tunes to play?

Long time it was determined by the steel bands and the 'people' the 'masses'. 


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