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Carlan "Panman" Harewood, left, Amrit Samaroo and Kareem Brown, - Gary Cardinez


THREE young professional music arrangers have come together to put the spotlight on a 54-year-old pan institution from San Juan/Barataria. Potential Symphony Steel Orchestra will enter the 2020 National Panorama competition with the names Carlan “Panman” Harewood, Kareem Brown and Amrit Samaroo on its banner.

Potential Symphony will campaign in the medium category with Sparrow’s All them Tobago Gyul arranged by Samaroo and Brown as the drill master.

The band was formed back in 1965 as Eastside Symphony and had a fair run in the Panorama competition having placed in the finals on numerous occasion.

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GOOD LUCK TO THE POTENTIAL STEEL ORCHESTRA. Who can forget that "2 wrist all yuh lego" in 1977 lol.

Desperadoes was lucky to be half of a point above you all that year.

With Carlan, Amrit and Kareem, the sky is the limit.


I didn't know that POTENTIAL was EASTSIDE. Me and KEITH DIAZ used to love to listen to EASTSIDE down in the CROISEE!!!

Togetherness can only bring good results.

......Best wishes my friends !!!!


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