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Tripoli ( Esso Trinidad Steelband) was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1971

A former member of Tripoli (Esso Trinidad Steelband) Caspar Durant (Mr Quads) sent me this information that Tripoli was indeed nominated for a Grammy Award way back in 1971. I was unaware of this and found this to be historic and decided to post, it to bring an awareness to people like myself who was unaware of this achievement. This is fantastic so we have already been there ... but as far as I know we have never again gotten to that pinnacle ... or have we? ....  

This is a follow up to the post "PAN IN THE GRAMMY AWARD? ...HUH!"

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Very interesting Michael, 

Greetings Big Mike,

It certainly would be great to have everyone's story and point of view from that historic occasion ...everyone indeed has a story ..give my regards to cousin Myrna


Hey Salah! Compliments from Miami; wishing you all the best,  you picked a good tune hope you get a full compliment of players for your category.

Good luck Myrna sent her best wishes.

Take Care


Bro. Mike' How did the Customs knew that the Pans were not made in Trinidad? Did Someone tell or was their a stamp that said Made in the USA?

Valentine; There is much more to that story which I will not disclose right now, the truth was we were charged for importing pans into Trinidad and Tobago the story was carried in one of the news paper,  at the moment I am trying to locate the clipping.

Have you ever had any interaction with customs? well I can tell our case was not that unusual.

Hey Mike, what's up? Good to see Tripoli getting some net play. We need more. BTW it must be told that we were the first to have amplified pans also.

Hey! Patrick, How is everything? I was talking to Leo a couple days ago.

It is a fact that Tripoli was the first to amplify pans with pictures to prove their claim.


The nomination was Grammy Awards 1972 not 1971.


Please make the necessary correction. The nomination was in the Grammy Awards 1972.  http://www.awardsandshows.com/features/grammy-awards-1972-221.html

Well Noted Yarbev ..thanks for the research work for verifying the exact date of the Grammy Awards event in 1972 and not 1971. I got the information from one of the members of the team ( Caspar "Mr.Quads" Durant) who was there and he gave me 1971 at that time but he did send me the same link. I just was unable to access it at that time


My guess is that they would have probably been informed about it in 1971

..but your research is correct with the date and thanks for the work and interest ...Regards


Speaking of music awards: Jaco Pastorius' self-titled album, featuring Othello Molineaux, was nominated for a Grammy award in 1976. Then in 1982, Word of Mouth, again featuring Othello, was nominated to Japan's Gold Album (their version of the Grammy's.) I checked Andy Narell's website and it does not mention anything about his winning any Grammy. (If he did, it should be on his website's "biography". That's a HUGE accomplishment, to not advertise!) Ghost.

AWARDS: The Word of Mouth album was nominated in 1981, not 1982 as I stated earlier. Further, they WON the award; not only were they nominated. This was the "Gold Award", in the Japan Swing Journal Jazz Disc Award. Also, in 1983 Othello Molineaux placed eleventh in the International Jazz Critics Poll's "Miscellaneous Instruments" (synths, tubas,violins, etc.). Herbie Hancock placed seventh, that year, by the way. As recently as 2009, Othello was inducted into the South Florida Jazz Hall of Fame. Joining him, was the equally world-renowned saxophonist, Cannonball Adderley. Again, Othello Molineaux blazed the trails that others follow. He even influenced (the Great) Clive Bradley, as a pianist (piano player), to get into arranging for steelbands. Othello was probably the youngest arranger Tripoli ever had, and probably one of the youngest steelband arrangers period! (Anyone has the facts on those two pieces of pan trivia?) Ghost.


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