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Tripoli ( Esso Trinidad Steelband) was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1971

A former member of Tripoli (Esso Trinidad Steelband) Caspar Durant (Mr Quads) sent me this information that Tripoli was indeed nominated for a Grammy Award way back in 1971. I was unaware of this and found this to be historic and decided to post, it to bring an awareness to people like myself who was unaware of this achievement. This is fantastic so we have already been there ... but as far as I know we have never again gotten to that pinnacle ... or have we? ....  

This is a follow up to the post "PAN IN THE GRAMMY AWARD? ...HUH!"

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Ok Kenneth we will be glad to hear your story.

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for sharing, I personally had planned to do an in depth interview with your dad Kenrick and you are so right, everyone indeed has a story to tell ...all for the better for Pan

thanks coz


Hi...I am Emmanuel Cobo Jack Riley (temporarily using my Queen's page) Once upon a time they would chase down pan players-run them! Mash up their pans! They were considered OUTCASTS....undesirables, check out Sparrow. Society was against Pan. Now that there is an outside interest in the instrument, people want to say we are selling our birth rights. Ridiculous! Imagine if the piano and every other instrument, never left the hands of the creator? Look at all the improvements to pan from the universities, how we are learning to read music and all the improved ways of tuning. I used to fix pans for Esso in Jersey. That's where I met Liberace, a concert pianist, who was touring with them. That's all for now because I don't want to give the whole history of pan right now :-)

Welcome and thank you  Mr. Emmanuel Cobo Jack Riley it is an honour to have you participate and share your vast information about the Pan ......I for one consider you a living legend and I am sure no one on this forum would dis-agree with that statement. Thank you very much


You are very welcome and THANK YOU.

Nuff Respect Jack.

Who else knew that the "Esso Trinidad Steelband" was nominated for a "Grammy" in 1971?


Congrats to Mr. Hugh Borde and Tripoli. Tripoli to me was one of the first Steel Band that exposed our Culture to the World. Pan being a Novelty at that time was accepted as Such. Liberace fame Catapulted Tripoli tremendously and the Band rode on his Shirt tail to Fame and a Little fortune. Mr. Borde must be Complimented on His vision. We must also not forget that a lot of  their Music was arranged by the Late Great ''Junior Pouchet also Father John Seawell the RC priest, played an integral part in their success. Mr. Hugh Borde is one of our Living Legends. ''Some one must tell His Story before He Leaves us. There is must more to know.

Hugh's son Emile is the one to be telling his father's 'story'.  Emile has done some that I am aware of, but it needs to be spread around the internet.


This is the truth every trini in LA should know about this back in de day so believe it or research it

Let me give you a little part of the Tripoli history,  we toured  Canada and the USA from 1968 to 1972 on our return to Trinidad our Pans were detained by Customs and Excise Department, their reasons were the pans were not made in Trinidad and in order to retrieve our instruments we had to pay an import duty I can't remember the exact amount but it was over $700.00  US dollars...  More to come


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