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Tripoli ( Esso Trinidad Steelband) was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1971

A former member of Tripoli (Esso Trinidad Steelband) Caspar Durant (Mr Quads) sent me this information that Tripoli was indeed nominated for a Grammy Award way back in 1971. I was unaware of this and found this to be historic and decided to post, it to bring an awareness to people like myself who was unaware of this achievement. This is fantastic so we have already been there ... but as far as I know we have never again gotten to that pinnacle ... or have we? ....  

This is a follow up to the post "PAN IN THE GRAMMY AWARD? ...HUH!"

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Well, Caspar, guys like yourself have got to speak up to be heard.

Many of us on this forum have been around, and we make contributions based on our own experiences and memories, unless we're talking about specialized subjects.

And we've all had different experiences with the steelband, and that makes for interestinging discussions.

So, Caspar Durant, if you have stories to tell please share them with us.

This is the ideal forum for that.

Hi Junior (Caspar Durant)

I was from the internet for over 30hrs... went to Montreal to do a gig ..now back in Toronto and will be heading to Trinidad tonight (GW- God Willing)

Yes Junior I was unaware of  first the Tripoli Grammy nomination until you informed me of this.....I am also unaware of  what you stated about your Dad ...and Big Mike also confirmed that Tripoli was the first to amplify pans these are great things and it is important that everyone gets this information ...so like Glenroy says .This WST forum is the place to share this type of information so that the whole world can get to know "Èverything about Pan". Your contribution is essential and certainly welcomed so speak up brother...I know that you are a real humble brother. I know of you with the Tripoli tour and your good friends of Kenrick Headley and Big Mike to name a couple..but I also know that you are a fantastic steelpan player and the best Quad player that I have seen not just from the videos that you have posted but I see you play live (I know you don't like this Big -up) but it is well deserved....Speak some more about your Dad....see you soon


Ok Junior you have the floor, tell them about Dotsy too, like no one know about her.


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