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USSA Holds Public General Meeting - Agenda Set - Marching Orders Given... Expediency, Urgency and Contracts now the Name of the Game

New York Pan ‘Woke’?

New York, USA - It’s a week before Christmas and for two weeks now California has been burning. Literally. In addition, there was a major power outage in Atlanta at the world’s busiest airport and transfer hubs, during one of the most challenging travel times of the year. Strange movements in the forces that govern nature indeed. But it is the rumblings and disturbance in the underbelly of the Brooklyn, New York steelband community that have been creating an undeniable seismic change in the “Force” felt by all NY Pan people since this past fall.

And so it is in this regard and environment, that on December 18, 2017, USSA (United States Steelband Association) held its first meeting open to the public since the newly-elected USSA executive board has been in place. Of course as to be expected the topic of Panorama consumed a lot of the oxygen in the room. However, the meeting did not devolve into an uncontrollable, raging fire, self-consuming any and everything in its path with no logic or direction. 

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About time!

The old aphorism "When in Rome do as the Romans do" good to see the bands decision makers have taken the first step, continue to beat the iron while it is hot (no punt intended):

1.  Organize and conduct business as you are in the US not Trinidad

2.  Develop the mental and intestinal fortitude as you would with a  Fortune 500 company

3.  Always keep in mind the end result "PAN"  as the musical instrument it is.

4.  Leaders take care of your soldiers, you cannot do it alone solicit their input (you will be surprise).

5.  Know your enemy and develop the winning attitude for those who intrust you as their leader

6.  Never forget the MECCA, but you MUST operate Mentally in the environment to which you resides 

Good going!


Serious stuff.  But are they barking or sneezing?


I wonder if is me. Bachanal in de Mecca. Bachanal in Brooklyn.Topic- Steelpan, Steelband. Central figures- WE. Is (WE) ting and we doh know what the hell to do with it. De ting dead.

Mercer , "de ting" will never die , as long as we have passionate pan people such as those who take the time to contribute to this forum, and the many who spend hours in panyards practicing , not necessarily for personal gain , but for love of the art-form..

As a matter of fact , some of us may be too passionate  , and overestimate the importance and relevance of the art-form to those outside the "pan bubble".

IMHO , the steelband as an art-form is caught somewhere in the grey area between unrealistic expectations and unfulfilled potential.

We Just Can't Go On Like This / Keith "Designer" Prescott & Ray Holman / 2007

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