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Renowned pan pioneer Anthony Williams was yesterday presented with an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters by the University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine during the morning graduation ceremony.

In his citation, University Orator, Brian Cockburn noted that Williams, 85, mastered playing the Ping Pong (the first steel pan) at a young age and began experimenting with the oil drum.

By 1951 he was the lead Ping Pong player with the Northern Stars, and later that year, became a member of the Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra (TASPO) which performed at several location in Europe under Musical Director Lieutenant Nathaniel Griffith.

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This is great, one of the most deserved Honorary Doctorates ever. Doctor Anthony Williams is a genius and I am overjoyed!

Congratulations to Pioneer Anthony Williams on this Honorary Doctorate - well deserved

Mr Dick, Ms, Yoland, my family and I Kenneth "Panam" Clarke and others have been knocking on doors over the years for this precious and blessed day. We now give thanks to the Almighty, and those involved in making this UWI Doctorate a memorable day for Dr. Anthony "Skip" Williams. May God grant him all the joy and happiness he so  well deserves,  

Congratulations  Dr Anthony Williams, just another stop along your long and winding road.

Congratulations to " Steelpan pioneer" Dr Anthony Williams on your life time achievement "live the moment"!!!!!

I remember your paper on his at the International Conference on pan.

Congratulations Dr. Anthony Williams (hon.). Thank you for inspiring and fascinating me with your brilliant, articulate performances. I recall staying up way past my bedtime to hear the performances and the adjudicators' comments at the Steelband Music Festivals in the sixties. I recall pushing pan with the band for the entire Fanfare carnival gig. But what I treasure most are the few conversations we have had on the science and technology of pan. I remembered the first such conversation, outside of St. Michael's Parish Hall, the thought that was running through my mind was "true scientist"!!!
This is a moment of great pride and joy for me, for your fans from St. James, for my friends and classmates who were members of North Stars. Thank you skip for a lifetime of excellence, humility and dedication.

At long last!

An honor well deserved , and long overdue.

Congratulations , Dr. Anthony Williams.

Finally.    This is long overdue.

Don't want to be ah "party pooper" here but I'm sure Dr Williams would have appreciated some dollars to go with the doctorate. I remember in Bertie Marshall last days they went to give him an award and someone saw him on the street and ask him why he is not there to receive the award and his answer was he can't pay his bills with an award. To many of our pan pioneers are struggling to make ends meet, lets make sure that the Doctor is taken care off.


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