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Mr. Morancie is running for PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO again, after coming in third and getting only a handful of votes in his 2015 bid. This time around the competition is much greater and Mr. Morancie's chances seem even slimmer.

His message has been a bit unclear to me and his campaign seems to be lagging when compared to the SPARE-NO-EXPENSE efforts of the LEADING CANDIDATES.

In terms of baggage, Mr Morancie is yet to clear the air and give some answers regarding his CREDIT UNION ACTIVITIES and the cashing of APPEARANCE FEE CHECKS for a BICHE BAND that never made it to PANORAMA.

So we now welcome him to come on THIS FORUM and tell us HIS SIDE OF THAT STORY.

Given the RECENT CRISIS facing PAN TRINIBAGO and all the CORRUPTION CHARGES and LARGE DEBT floating around -- we have to make sure that the winner of this ELECTION is going to give us HONEST REPRESENTATION and make sure that some of the PAN TRINBAGO TENS OF MILLIONS make its way to the PAN YARDS and the PAN PLAYERS and not into the POCKETS OF EXECUTIVES.

GOOD LUCK, MR, MORANCIE!!! You seem like a very likeable and decent man to me!!!

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Like everybody have baggage. Honest representation? Lehwe start with who doh have baggage and let the numbers dwindle to a precious few.

Mr. Mercer Ramdoo: I will be VETTING ALL THE CANDIDATES in the NEXT FEW DAYS!!!  Then it is up to you to separate the SHEEP from THE GOAT, THE GOOD from the  BAD and THE BAGGAGE-FULL from the BAGGAGE-LESS.

And please note that I will be making the point that BAGGAGE comes in different forms!!!

Good morning Claude. While i am neither opposed to scrutiny nor criticism in public life, l must be guarded when my character and integrity are attacked publicly without substantial evidence. Also, you too, must be wary of cyber crime consequences. However, there are many ways one having hearsay information can provoke facts to surface and i believe you would be clever to do so. I appreciate the forum on Whensteeltalks and should want to continue contributions when my campaign would make the president of Pan Trinbago.

I have never in my lifetime been a member of any Credit Union. Biche Survivors Steel Orchestra was one of my constituent bands like several which i assisted that did not participate in a Panorama but would have participated in Carnival celebrations in their respective communities..

Dear Mr. Morancie: I really appreciate you coming on THIS FORUM and clearing your name. The sincerity with which you expressed yourself leads me to believe that the accusations made against you were spurious in nature and just meant to diminish your chances of winning.

I also urge all readers and delegates to look beyond this ISLAND GOSSIP and see you for your PAN LOVING CHARACTER and your career achievements in the STEELBAND WORLD.

Thanks for clearing the air and I wish you the MOST OF VOTES in Sunday's Election. I also urge you -- even if you do not win this election -- to try to find ways to stimulate PAN PROGRESS. With today's technology, ONE MAN can make a whole world of difference. And if he joins forces with one or two others -- so much can be accomplished.

As far as I am concerned, YOUR NAME IS CLEARED!!! And I once again urge all the delegates to give you a FAIR CHANCE on Sunday.

Thanks for your response!!! And come back to THE FORUM every so often and mingle with the GLOBAL MASSES OF PAN LOVERS. It's a good way to build NAME RECOGNITION and expand on your VISION FOR PAN.

And who knows what will happen in the next three years. You may be better positioned to run a BIGGER and STRONGER CAMPAIGN!!!


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