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US Vice President Joe Biden tries out a steelpan


Trinidad US Biden


Vice President Joe Biden, left, accompanied by Trinidad & Tobago's Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, tries out a steelpan, the traditional percussion instrument of the Caribbean twin-island country, during their meeting at the Diplomatic Center in St. Anns, Trinidad, Tuesday, May 28, 2013. (AP Photo/Anthony Harris)/TTO106/333178237095/1305290100

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday:

....“I’m asking each of you heads of state to please write a note to President Obama,” he said. “Tell him it’s critical that I come back to Trinidad and Tobago and then I can visit each of your islands for us to stay at least a couple weeks.”

....Minutes after he ended his speech and bid the Prime Minister farewell, Biden stopped the vehicle that was taking him to the Piarco International Airport in order to give one final message to the Persad-Bissessar. 

“Don’t forget that steel-drum is mine!” he said. “You tell President Obama that!” As with his arrival on Monday night, Biden had been greeted hours earlier by pan music as he walked the red-carpet to enter the double doors of the Diplomatic Centre at 11:14 a.m.

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Cecil: Yuh always talking about replacing MY LEADER. In the meantime WE are working out plans for THE GREENS 2014 ... money like rain next year again. WE will still be RUNNING THINGS then and you and your WST commentators will still be theorizing strategies to get us out of office. Boycott, cutlass, new visionaries, nostalgia, high court or low court -- DIAZ IS KING!!!!

And nobody go RUN HE, LARD ... NOBODY GO RUN HE!!! (a little bit of Short Shirt for you).

Anyways, I was happy to open a main stream newspaper and see PAN on the front page. Man should be thinking of ways to DUPLICATE that exposure in another form and fashion.

Aye Claude,

Ah thinking about jumping ship boi, If yuh cyah beat dem join dem.  lol  Diaz look like he go have dem tie-up in court till 2075 and he using PanTrinbago money to do it.

If we want to get movement from the politicians on Pan initiatives we need to set up a scenario where they ignore our interests at their own peril. This means we affect their re-election bids of them and the parties they are affiliated with. With many of the successful movements around the world, it is the people who lead the way, with government reluctantly bringing up the rear.

The problem with the steel pan is that people outside recognizes its value.Those persons who can uplift the art by promoting our culture is yet to realize the dis-service they are doing for this country. Probably, we should've been there picketing for the recognition deserving for the Pan Industry  which is long outstanding.if you showcase our pan then, put your money where your mouth and invest in it.At least Vice-president Joe Biden recognizes our talent and ourvaluable instrument the STEEL PAN!!

I don't know when my people are going to realize there is a big difference to being an Industry and being a Culture. Industries can compete Cultures do not and they are able to gross over to other cultures without static.  Because we were not taught to embrace our own Culture as a growing people is not a reason to become ignorant of the present, and how it has been accepted by the world's nations as something of importance. We must now embrace whoever accepts and recognizes our culture for the contribution it has made not only for Trinidad &Tobago the Country of it's origin but to the World as a whole...A joseph   

  • This is thegreatest

At the moment China President is visiting TT - maybe our PM would make the same gift presentation a PAN - that would be expositions to 1 billions Chinese people.

Careful what you wish for.  Once dem chinee and dem get into pan, it will explode and they will tek-over, count on it...

China’s First Lady applauds TT panmen, artistes

So impressed was First Lady of China, Madame Peng Liyuan yesterday with the performance of Exodus Steel Orchestra at the concert in her honour that she extended an invitation to the pannists to visit China.

If I am not wrong this is not the first photo op that is publicized whereby the National Instrument of T&T is being presented,,forgive me WST members, but it seems like the tassa drum is the national instrument,what more is there is say,,question? why the hesitation in making  it official that the Pan /Steelpan is the original National Instrument  of T&T ,but whenever your honour  goes abroad  the Steelpan/Tenor Pan/ ,nb ,is always in the frontline?????nuff respect Pan'tum.


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