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Visitors Fees and Registration for Panorama 2011

Pan Trinbago is issuing a reminder to steelbands who contract foreigners as players in the National Panorama competitions that they are required to pay dues.


This is outlined in Pan Trinbago’s Constitution Bye Laws under the heading Article 9 – Fees and Dues.

from the news desk of Pan Trinbago


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Well said Mr Flax !

Trinidad is Pan is Trinidad.


well-stated mr keith maynard and i agree 100%


all this makes my head feel to explode. i'm not even a Trini but the state of things IN trini just make me so sad sometimes.


as bad as part of me wants to be there RIGHT NOW practicing, another part of me can't manage it any more. sometimes i feel i'd just rather go Grenada and play.


I hear they playing some real good pan in Antigua. Boogsie goes up there for their Moods of Pan. I think their carnival is in July though.


true true mr. lester flax -- that could be great fun too.  but for me, Grenada has something Antigua does not.... 


Two words:  PECK EDWARDS   : - )



Ay Catt. Peck has to be considered one of the top three steelpan arrangers in the world.



Keith...well said,


It looks like a case of muzzling the ox while it's treading out the grain.


Pan Trinbago should be looking out for the interests of "all" pan players, but instead they are taxing us selectively. How do they expect to represent Pan globally, if they are targeting foreigners this way? It makes me want to stay right here in the good old U.S.A or fly to my homeland in England and play there.


Instead of looking at nickels and dimes, they need to initiate long term plans to get the Panorama on Cable TV because there's a lot of money to be made there. It will also serve as a marketing platform to the world and advertisements can be made, advertising Trinidad pans for sale, etc. They also need to finish their new headquarters and expand it to include a "large" pan musem so foreigners can visit and learn the history of the instrument.


Pan Trinbago is in power or exists solely to represent the pan player, they should be "dedicated to the promotion and development of the steelpan and pannists worldwide", but taxing foreigners will not promote the pan worldwide.


As a foreigner, I refuse to pay $100.00 US to play in ANY Trinidad band, especially when I can play in a band in the U.S or England, WITH THE SAME TRINIDAD ARRANGER, does that make sense? I mean think about it for a minute...a local player may take the bus or taxi to get to the panyard, a foreigner has to pay airfare to get to the country, then pay for a taxi..., a local player goes home after practice, a foreigner often has to pay for accommodations (like a hotel or stay by a friend where it is customary to give some money for their stay) and after all that, they have to pay $100.00 US to bust their chops every night to play for Panorama?


Not me.

Hey Gospelpan.... what if they don't even get picked for panorama... you know the infamous last minute "drop" ....didn't make the cut because....you know what sometimes goes on (preferences and stuff) what happens then? Do they get reimbursed????? This rule don't smell good I refuse to eat it. I guess my panorama pan playin days in sweet T&T are over....


Question - Has this rule always been in existence?

Good questions Eye4pan
I have been coming to Carnival for many years; and there is not a year that I know of where there was not a confusion related to Trinidad Carnival. Why is it that Trinidad has been promoting Carnival for so many years and there is no perfection in the art form. Trinidad should be showing the rest of the world  how to perfect all divisions of its Carnival.  At this point and time in the life of pan, Pan Trinbago has been quarreling with the Minister (not that he is right in his remarks); Quarreling with the Government on funding; Now its gone to the bands and their players.  Pan Trinbago has been raising its fees to Panorama patrons for entry into the various competition successively every year, and they are still facing a defecit. Now they are attacking the foreign players.  On Mr David DeSouza's comment, he must remember that the Foreign Player is not bringing a band into the country to play his/her music.  He will be playing with a registered Trinidad band. The undertone here is that only Trinidadians should play in a band for Panorama.  I however think that Pan Trinbago is mismanaged.

This is shameful.  Making visitors pay to play when local bands are scrunting for players?  Band are paying crackshots to fall in after their bands are eliminated because they dont have enough players.  This would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.  Panlovers come to Trinidad, rent places to stay for a month or more and spend money.  They don't care about $1000TT or $800 TT, they come for the love of pan. 

And now they are supposed to pay? 

And hello TIDCO, hello?  Minister of Tourism, your arrivals are declining yearly.  Hello?  This is the way loyal repeat visitors are treated?   Great idea to tax visitors who actually contribute to the culture.

Pan Trinbago could not have come up with this on their own.  This smells like either the Gypsy or Pan Trinbago's boss the Trinidad and Tobago government had a large hand in this.  What are the rules for who qualifies as a local and or a foreign player? Is it the ownership of a utility bill? A passport? Or is a Trinidad birth certificate?

Will all panorama players have to present their birth papers or passports or drivers licenses  before they take the stage? This is nonsense.  Moreover, Pan Trinbago lacks the ability to collect.  They are not a collection agency.  The Trinidad government on the other hand can.  They can meet foreign players at the airport and tax them when they declare why they are in Trinidad.

This is why this smells like the Gypsy's doing.  It's clumsy, awkward and dumb.  And the math doesn't make any sense.

Let's say there are 1000 foreign players in Trinidad during the panorama season and each spends a minimum of $2000 US dollars during their stay.  That's $2,000,000 US that's being pumped into the Trinidad and Tobago economy.  $2,000,000 vs $100,000 at best - you do the math.

The last time Pan Trinbago tried to block players from playing was two years ago over the number of players on stage.  That turned into one of the most embarrassing moments in pan history.

Pan Trinbago should concentrate on trying to collect the measly $35 dollars that the Gypsy and their boss took from them in broad daylight.

Don't shoot yourself again in the foot.




Do Something for Pan


No, No, No Mr. Diaz
No, No, No Mr. Diaz
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