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Revisited - Decade in Review 2010-2019 --- WACK 90.1 fm ‘Culture Krazy’ station forced off the Internet for Steelband Panorama and 2010 Carnival Events

Trinidad and Tobago - With the Trinidad and Tobago 2010 carnival season almost upon us - one of the country’s leading champions of their performing arts and culture, radio station WACK 90.1fm , finds itself the victim of an ironic twist of fate. The upstart station will not be allowed to broadcast over the internet, this season’s major carnival events to the very audience that it has almost single-handedly served, cultivated and captivated with a continuous stream of local music genres like calypso and steelpan music.

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This is crazy fuh real.
An opportunity to let the world see what lies behind the Pan Culture and all what these people can think about is how much money they can make now. What happened to long term thinking??
I guess they minds are so small that they can't think that far out.

It is a sad year for Pan lovers like myself and for the culture itself.
Come on isnt there some teckie out there who could plug something into somthing else record and post a streaming audio off some server and give us a small time lag with the broadcast??? Even that will be appreciated
Mind you I'm not suggesting anything illegal : )
This is a fatal blow to Pan & Carnival lovers all around the world. So sad.
If they asking that we leave WACK during the carnival season, would they be supplying us with a daily input of of the arts and culture of TnT for the rest of the year or have they not thought so far? Is it just about the money?
If those folks do not know what an idiot looks like the should l;ook in a mirror
Here we go again, Government who do not care giving preference to state owned enterprises for a major event and leaving the only radio station that is Culture Crazy should stay out or not give exclusive right to wanna be radio stations. I live in California and when I am home I listen to Wack 24-7. The people who visit me think they are in Trini because all they here is pan & calypso.
What does the presidents of Pantrinbago and Tuco had to say on this matter ??????????

Seems as though Pantrinbago might be ok with this, there does not seem to be any blowback from them; in any case, look at the fee demanded to be part of the "Drag" where some (not all) of those people would not ordinarily be able to afford to go to the panorama. while sixty dollars seems a small amount, for many people in Trinidad, that is still a lot, especially if several members of a family would have normally gone. Imagine the people in Laventille who down from the hill and come to panorama. some of them do not have "two cents" to rub together, but they would always make it a point to support their band Despers. What's their position now? Then there's the regular crew who come to pull the racks of the bands they support, how did this pan out in the semi finals? Anyone who was actually there knows how this went down in cases like that?
Most (if not all) of the people on the drag did not pay - it was so easy to get in................
light up the chalice, it's vampire time again!
WHO'S KILLING THE CULTURE? WE ARE!!!!!!!!! . It's plain and simple we have no one to blame but ourselves.
WACK has been in the forefront for exposing our culture around the world for many years. This is like a slap in the face.
Its a disgrace and a lack of respect. It's really small minded thinking at work here. With the internet, WACK's audience is limitless. Trinidad is a very small dot on the world stage. You have to really travel abroad to appreciate what Trinidad has to offer. We are a proud and multi-talented people. WACK shares the vision of who we are and what our culture is all about.
Here is one option the committee could have of come up with. Charge a higher fee for ADS just like what the Super Bowl does. Let's face it this is our Super Bowl, and market it like that to various sponsers. It would take some serious thought and planning unlike the plan they came up with.

Len Williams ( DJ Lenny )
I compliment WACK for the wonderful job they have done of broadcasting T&T music and culture worldwide, and I understand their disappointment in not being able to broadcast the Panorama Finals in 2010.

I am also a strong supporter of the value of Steelband music. People tend to think that they shoulod not have to pay for these "Classical Productions" that these 10 bands will produce on Panorama night. It is impossible to place a price on the amount of man hours that is put into the Steelband Panorama product, and as a result I think it is unfair to the steelband movement, and the players in particular when that product to be given away for free. If I was in Trinidad for the event, wouldn't I have to pay to see the show?

I hope that this is the first successful step that Pan Trinbago will make in placing some value on their product. I intend to subscribe, I value pan at least that much. I dream of the day when the entire show is professionally packaged and marketed as a premier presentation on Pay Per View Cable TV internationally. The most important thing is that Pan Trinbago demonstrates it accountability by freely providing accurate financial reporting on the ventures when asked. I hope that is not a pipe dream.

This development should serve as a message to WACK to start some form of affordable annual subscripion which I believe that true culture fans like myself will be willing to pay. This is not far fetched since WACK is a commercial venture, and should be allowed to generate a profit fore its activities. This should help to increase its revenue, and place the station in a position to compete for Pay Per View rights next year. I love WACK, I think they do a great job. I will continue to support them come hell or high water and I know that Mr. Phillips and his team has the foresight that will guide them to so the right thing to continuing growing this wonderful enterprise.

Other opinions may differ, but my thoughts are for the value of the art form. We can't continue to give this thing away for free. If we don't put a value on this beautiful thing we created, no one will respect it. Those in charge MUST be accountable. We need to know what sort of revenue they raise when all is said and done.

Certainly hope that if this is the way they are going, that the "professionalism" part comes into play.

Who can forget the still photographers who insert themselves behind the pan players, and even right in front the band, to get shots that the general public never, ever sees! Where the hell do all those pictures end up anyway!! With the exception of trini view and panonthenet, can't say.

But the worse is the number of video crews tripping over each other on the stage. Trinidad has at least four different local video crews present on the stage for the panorama, and that is a conservative estimate. And this is not counting the additional non-trinidadian crews, then there's the smaller fry who are running around with smaller hand held cams. ALL these people end up in each other's shots and footage - even on the DVDs they've produced and sold by pantrinbago.

As usualy they plan to sell DVDs, and now they are charging for the Panorama stream. But are there quality controls in place? Somebody mentioned the Superbowl. Events like that, and foreign pay per view concerts, etc. all have superior control over the product they broadcast, and whatever DVD or footage that is presented. I remember the DVDs of years gone past from Trinidad panorama. Not pretty. It's a free for all on stage, a very bad fiasco. They ain't ready.

But as you say, maybe someday, I certainly hope so that things will change. but I think time has run out, this is the 21st century. Pay per view is not a novelty, but anything professional coming out of Trinidad panorama certainly would be.


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