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Revisited - Decade in Review 2010-2019 --- WACK 90.1 fm ‘Culture Krazy’ station forced off the Internet for Steelband Panorama and 2010 Carnival Events

Trinidad and Tobago - With the Trinidad and Tobago 2010 carnival season almost upon us - one of the country’s leading champions of their performing arts and culture, radio station WACK 90.1fm , finds itself the victim of an ironic twist of fate. The upstart station will not be allowed to broadcast over the internet, this season’s major carnival events to the very audience that it has almost single-handedly served, cultivated and captivated with a continuous stream of local music genres like calypso and steelpan music.

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Very upset here in St Petersburg, FL, USA--was so looking forward to Panorama. Cannot afford a plane ticket, and cannot even afford to pay-per-view. Guess I am just out of luck ! I sure like the idea someone below mentioned--yearly subscription to support WACK. Thanks WST for all you do.
'upstart' after 5 years a delivering a product that people enjoy, need and want...'total local' I think upstart ref is an insult.
Isn't there some way to put something into the feed that will ruin the recording for those who want freebies to sell, but will allow us to hear the performances? As one writer put it - Isn't there some techie out there who can finagle something legal so we who can't come could at least hear pan and see mas'?
This is an unfortunate situation but our laments at this late stage of the game will not undo the situation. Under the circumstances some of us are prepared to subscribe to the pay-per-view. They will decide thier fate for next year by the quality of the receprion, etc.
In the mean time. we are still trying to figure out how to subscribe. Can you or anyone please provide this info.


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