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Washington's new band director ready for spring shows

Steel drum band

The Washington High School Steel Drum band will perform at 7:00pm May 22

After being away from his hometown for nearly 14 years, Stephen Cherry is preparing for his first spring concerts as Washington School District’s new band director and instrumental music teacher.

Cherry reflected on his days at Washington High School, where J. Marc Svaline taught Cherry how to play the steel pans, which became an area sensation under Svaline’s direction. Cherry said, “It’s truly a surreal experience. I held Mr. Svaline in high esteem as a high school student, and to return to my alma mater and now teach those same classes he taught me is amazing.”

Returning to Washington to teach after being in Maryland for nearly 14 years required somewhat of a cultural readjustment for Cherry. He explained that the Maryland school system is set up by counties, and he taught in Prince George’s County Public Schools at High Point High School. High Point is one of 27 high schools in that county and includes over 2,400 students. He noted that the population is 98% minority, with 68% of the students being Hispanic. To help students learn, teachers are encouraged to use both English and Spanish in their instruction.

Being back at Washington, Cherry cited the benefits of working in a smaller school district. “I enjoy working with not only the teachers, but the administrators in a closer, more personable environment.”

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Nice.  Students to showcase their achievements made during that period.

Good foundation that is sure to stay with them all their lives. 

I hope the parents show full support.   This too they will carry as memories of their newly  molding adults.

Trust me , it's the best. 

Brenda H.

Don't tell me that dem HISPANICS taking over PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY too (I used to live in Prince Goerge's County in the SEVENTIES).

I am telling you!!! These AFRICAN-AMERICAN POLITICIANS are choosing to close their eyes to the imminent loss of POLITICAL POWER by BLACK AMERICA. But they don't care about the future -- they are just living for today. While the HISPANIC POLITICAL MACHINE is looking decades down the road as we head to ONE HISPANIC PRESIDENT after another and BLACK AMERICANS get pushed back to the BACK OF THE BUS.


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