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Watch - Phase II - Panorama 2020 Prelims Performance

Phase II - 2020 Tune of choice: “2020 Vision”  | arranger:  Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

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I'm interested to see how this arrangement evolves, its got potential, players need to be much tighter and engine room needs work. (lol.... just my opinion).

Best panorama tune for the carnival. I predict Phase II to win the panorama after hearing almost all the bands, except South, at this time. The arrangement is the best, and we still very early.

Patrick: I am glad to see you BACK sharing your insights into THE PAN MUSIC.

This is a really DRAMATIC PANORAMA with a WIDENING AUDIENCE. Just hope that PAN TRINBAGO could find ways to TURN INTO CASH FROM FOREIGN!!!


I am going with DUVONE STEWART for the 1-2-3!!!

Claude we first need to save some money at home by eliminating the big trucks hauling a steel-band through the streets on carnival days. To me this killed anything Rudolph Charles and others designed for the steel-band initially. A steel-band was designed to be a passive system on the road. Today we add costs paying for trucking, how much is it? Who is brave enough to state the overall figure?

We practically giving out hard fought dollars for panorama yearly budget, lets say a church man with a truck,who don't like carnival and mas, preaching vulgarity  etc. BUT no problem taking the job to haul pan on carnival days. This nonsense has to stop. All this money need to be given to the men/women who prepare the racks and pans in the pan-yards.

Next diesel exhaust, negative health effects, man gone home feeling sick, thinking they outside in the sun too long, not knowing they breathing the fumes and get affected. The true pan-man understands this and will agree with me to stop it. If you don't want to take the money from the truck drivers and pay pan pushers, then have the best university in the world UWI design a system for the road.

Not sure if Duvone selected the correct tune this year to win, really nice tune, but a tough tune to bring to life on pan to sound good. The late Bradley may be the only one.

"really nice tune [WRONG AGAIN], but a tough tune to bring to life on pan to sound good."

We totally agree on that!!! But if you go back and look at DUVONE do his WARM-UP on Sunday before he did the presentation for the judges ... you will get an insight into how he is approaching the song.

As someone who has an OBSESSION with CALYPSO LYRICS -- watching Duvone do what he did in the WARM UP (integrating new lyrics into the song) gave me some insights into how he arranges the music. So there are really NO LIMITATIONS on how far he could take that tune (although I am not moving away from your sentence above).

So since he is THE ONE TO BEAT -- dey go have to beat he, dey go have to eat he, dey go have to BURY HE ... more than SIX MEET or more!!!

And I don't think that they could DIG THAT DEEP!!!

Well, I think that PAN PRODUCTION and building a database of GLOBAL PAN LOVERS are two avenues that could start GENERATING CASHFLOW for the PAN WORLD!!!

From 4:40 to the end is where P2 was in full swing. Unmatched in my humble opinion. Moving forward I'm Sure Boogsie will strengthen his intro .


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