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Watch -- The Live Online Broadcast -- 2020 Panorama Semi-Finals at the Queen's Park Savannah

The  Live Online Broadcast - IF/WHEN IT BECOMES AVAILABLE - 2020 Panorama Semi-Finals at the Queen's Park Savannah.

Order of Appearance Medium | Large

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INEZ: And you is ah BIG TEACHER and TING (excuse my broken ENGLISH) -- so ah could IMAGINE how it GRATING ON YUH NERVES in THIS YEAR 2020!!!


So leh we HUG UP ONE ANOTHER and JUMP UP as if WE MAD!!! (Ah steal that line from ah OLE CALYPSO!!!)

Check the commentators on 105.1FM.  I think they're much better.

Doctor deLight: If yuh wife doh mind -- ah will give you a little VIRTUAL KISS!!!

Just for that response!!!

Sir Claudius, hear de wife: "Lard, wha ah do wrang again?" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

All yuh eh easy, nah!

Looks like Rain. No Play.

Yeah, that music sweet for so. I enjoying it at this end, Brooklyn. To be honest though, (doh kill meh), so far the medium was much more entertaining. Maybe entertaining is not the word to use here, but the night is young.

Thanks Peter.

Inez: With all due respect, you have to address MY BEST FRIEND as DOCTOR deLIGHT ... he is NOT an ORDINARY MAN!!!

WE HAVING FUN waiting for DUVONE!!!

Beg your pardon, Doctor.

Please Inez — Peter is fine.  That would deLight me. So pay no heed to Sir Claudius.

He's always on my case insisting on putting the FUN back in dysFUNctional. :-)

However, he keeps the forum breathing, and admittedly, it takes a uniquely special character to accomplish that.

Is everyone getting long halts in the video-audio when it plays? Or just me?

I switched to the RADIO -- ah kinda old and grew up on RADIO ... so it is ALL GOOD WITH ME!!!

(But to answer your question: YES!!! The BROACAST STICKING!!!)

And they have PRETTY GOOD ( and honest) ANALYSIS!!!

After the YANKEE BOY played WHOA DONKEY -- they (the broadcasters) basically implied that THE DONKEY take off in AH HORSE RACE ... and that made me LAUGH SO HARD!!!


Check it out!!!


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