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‘We have been faithful’ Pan Trinbago head hits Carifesta snub

PAN TRINBAGO president Beverly Ramsey-Moore has hit the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts for leaving the national instrument out of the Caribbean Festival of Arts (Carifesta) which this country is currently hosting.

Speaking yesterday at an interfaith service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain, Ramsey-Moore said the pan fraternity felt insulted after being snubbed for Carifesta celebrations which began last Thursday and continues daily until August 25. She said that Pan Trinbago has remained faithful to the cause of promoting pan and culture and was hurt at not being included in the Carifesta celebrations.



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Just as a National Anthem solemnly expresses a country’s identity, a World Pan Anthem would unite and energize the global fraternity with messages of peace and harmony to “heal our land”. Inspirational poet Arlette Wiggins passionately recites her composition alongside the popular Lord Kitchener melody ‘Pan in Harmony’ seductively rendered by pianist Clive Zanda Alexander, panist Annise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed and the Gayap Workshop.

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I'm not 100% if Pan Trinbago, in particular, Beverley were sitting at the table when the Carifesta events were being planned/discussed, but if they were, then 21 August is their day.  

CARLON HAREWOOD: "We are fed up of playing at cocktail events and finishing up when people are now coming in!!!”

Well, MR . VICE PRESIDENT: Go in the STUDIO and make some DECENT PAN MUSIC for the GLOBAL COMMUNITY and suddenly you could rise above the "cocktail events" and birthday parties and wedding ceremonies and shopping center openings and company picnics and the lowly likes. Take a look at all the technical MUSIC STUDIO TOOLS that are available to CLEAN UP and POLISH the sound of the PAN (in today's world of STUDIO ENGINEERING) and move beyond the VILLAGE MENTALITY guardianship and expression of the instrument and I am sure that some REAL GLOBAL QUALITY PAN MUSIC could be produced.

One decent piece of GLOBAL QUALITY PAN MUSIC has the POWER to take you out of the COCKTAIL CIRCUIT.

And, of course, BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE completely missed the point of the question by The Very Reverend Shelly-Ann Tenia ... OH WELL!!!


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