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We have neglected our expats, not realizing that they are our link to the global market in real time.

We have neglected our expats, not realizing that they are our link to the global market in real time.


By Aquil Arrindell


When I become president of Pan Trinbago, I would definitely have to set up a forum where our diaspora could influence the decision making process towards realizing the objective of creating a PT with an international appeal. I have spent hours on WST gathering information from the expats. I have realized that expats are yearning for the locals to take command of our creation and stop the exploitation of our national instrument by others.


The expats’ frustration is real, and it is not only because we, locals are not getting it right. They have been reaching out to us for years and we have ignored them. They share information that we think is not important, while they are the ones who are witnessing, first hand, the advances into our territory without compensation to the creators of the invention. May pan pioneer expat, Ellie Mannette, rest in peace. But why the utter disregard to men and women whose only interest is to see the forward and upward progress by our national instrument internationally? One of the answers to this is that it dents our egos as practitioners. In most cases, and rightfully so, most suggestions come from people who are not directly involved in managing a band and don’t have a clue of what it takes to keep it together. Not only that they lack experience, they are not willing to sacrifice their time for community service, which is what most bandleaders do through their bands. As a consequence, the locals think expats are a bunch of old men just bumping their gums.


On the other hand, when articulating their views, expats also come across as though they think the locals are corrupted, backward and stupid. Judging from the way pan Trinbago has been run presently and in the past, they may be justified in thinking so. However, if even expats think that way, it would definitely be counterproductive to communicate as if this were so, because that invisible wall automatically goes up and the message would never reach its intended destination. However, all these things can be managed within a global forum where ideas can be shared, debated, put in an action plan and executed.   


Our attitude towards each other is unfortunate. Because, as I said, the expats are a good source of real time information which can be used to tap into international market wants and needs. We can work together, use our resources and create an international platform where the possibilities are limitless. I know we have to get our band-leaders in Trinidad and Tobago to love and respect and each other; work together; pull each other up and build and brighter Pan Trinbago. However, we are at a point where we cannot wait for that to happen before involving our brothers and sisters who carry our nation’s flag on the outside.


Let me say thanks to our expats. I will be expecting your votes in our new one-man one-vote system that was recently adopted by our members in last year’s 2023 special convention. Voting for expats will commence on the WST special voting link on the 12th of October 2024. Please be advised that all votes after 12pm will not be counted and remember that I am the only candidate who can properly represent your needs. Help me make our organization one that we can all be proud of. Where we are all a part of the solution and not the problem. Vote for me, The man of of steel. The only servant leader of the 21stcentury who understands and respects the membership as the highest authority. Vote a president would serve as the instrument of your bidding while simultaneously offering solutions such as the one presented above. Vote grit, energy, intelligence, passion, fairness and integrity. Vote Aquil Arrindell.


The last paragraph, is me, being a little comical but at the same time, asking for your support in 6 years. For now, I would just settle for an understudy roll.  


Aquil Arrindell

The future is now.

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did not take that into consideration bro. Thanks for sharing.

Aquil: That is DOCTOR AJAMU NYOMBA -- not "BRO".

my humble apology to the Dr.

Greetings gentlemen,

Interesting,.... hey Aquil, I am presently in Trinidad, returning to Canada on Tuesday Sept, 4th, 

Since my visit here, I have been spending all the time in my little village (Flamingoes)..

But I certainly don't mind meeting up, within the next couple days ...regards 


send me your number or call me..... 7278203

I will come and meet you.

Extremely interested in hearing your perspective on the way forwarded.

Now seeing this, my number here is 778-4820....would be good if we can hook up tomorrow.Sunday,. I'm running out of time, Unfortunately I am kinda stuck in the village (Flamingoes pan yard)

Will call in the morning 

No need to chastise any one.I am an ex-pat and for many,many years I have been sending ideas and suggestions to Pan Trinbago executive.A fed up. Respect? What is that. My last visit I was dismissed s Mr know it all. The conversation went like this "When alyuh go away and come back
alyuh feel yu know everything.
I am from the East, with a Flamingoes, Carlos Rose affiliation.
When Ex-Pats become serious about helping pan I will be there.
I have a lot to offer, all I need for for others to listen, just listen to all of us, not only me.
I will be watching and listening for you Aquil. Careful what you wish for....
Orvis Noel,
St Johns Road

i think that we locals so panorama oriented that any suggestions out of that seems far-fetched.

Mr. Orvis Noel: I like your POSTING!!! When Aquil gets an authoritative position in PAN TRINBAGO we will PRESSURE HIM to LISTEN and ACT!!!

But you should come and lay out some of your ideas on THIS FORUM; we would like to hear them!!!


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