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We need two good PAN MEN to top this video. Over 18 million views!!!

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Ain't NO PAN coming back in Carnival!!! On a more current topic, Cecil -- RUDY giving meh too much pressure. I want to turn the clock back (but not far back as the 60's) and make you my NUMBER ONE pardner on the forum again. Good thing you refused to sign the dissolution decree.

Claude , over the years I've expressed my thoughts on what I see as possibilities for the future of the steelband.

You all could take it or leave it.

Personally ,the main reason I returned to visit Trinidad at carnival in years gone by was to enjoy the steelband.

Now , apart from my large collection of pan recordings and videos , I can get the best of the steelbands activity each year via technology, so there is no real reason to go back ,

So I express my thoughts based on decades of observation from within and  without the Caribbean diaspora , but this issue doesn't directly affect me.

Like I said , take it or leave it. 

Rudy Kendall makes a powerful point (or points) about this whole thing. RACE is the main ingredient. Not only in the pan world but other areas of life. Glenroy also hits on something I have said for decades, in all the PAN  islands  steelband needs to RETURN TO THE CARNIVAL ROOTS, PAN on the road was the crucible of the birth of PAN.  As a multi musician I have lamented the loss of PAN and also BRASS for carnival. The big truck is killing the carnival culture. Now we buying costumes made in a factory in china. This is symptomatic especially from the uncle tom conversations I just heard in a

BLACK barber shop in El Socorro road emancipation weekend. I was shocked at the vitriol against our AFRICAN heritage. Wake up Trini..paddy corea 


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