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THE St James Community Improvement Committee (St James CIC) has selected Power Stars, formerly known as Blue Stars, as this year’s WeBeat St James Live 18 honoree.

The steelband was established in 1957 as Blue Stars, but ten years later, the band got sponsorship from the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) and subsequently became known as T&TEC Power Stars. That relationship went on for 41 years.

Over the years, the steel orchestra has participated at National Panorama, Best of the Rest and Steelband Music Festival competitions.

Power Stars has also formed alliances with many a junior steelband inclusive of St Francois Girls’ College of Belmont and Mucurapo Senior Comprehensive School.

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Big up Power Stars and We Beat...

Cecil: How come yuh never tell me that GREGORY LINDSAY is a BIG SUPER STAR IN THE PAN WORLD. And I here harassing and disrespecting THE MAN on this forum treating him as if he is some unknown like Aquil and merrytonestothebone.

Gregory: I apologize, boy. And I want to start a new more respectful relationship with you. I know that you are a very forgiving fellah so let us TURN THE PAGE and move forward, brother.

Congratulations on BEING HONOURED!!!

But how yuh mean me and Aquil "unknown"?...And you know we?...Dat doh count for nutten self?...

Gregory Lindsay big up your self.

Mr Claude just so you pelting stone at Mr. Tones and i......lol

On behalf of the Orchestra, stage side members, youth orchestra members, supporters, and the community environs of the St. James, Cocorite, inclusive of Waterhole communities, we humbly accept this signal honour, with collective humility and gracious hearts. A very special thanks to selection committee for its esteemed consideration.

Also too, from our Panorama 2018 campaign A Very Special Thanks to our transportation sponsor Don Ramdeen Transport; & long standing community service providers...Keith Nexar of Advantage Advertising; Doublex Workshop; Sandra Awai; Corporate Communications at Angostura Limited; Screen Stars Limited; and our fellow orchestras Anthony Ferguson - Trinidad Connissoneurs; Douglas Williams - Woodbrook Modernaires; Nigel Williams of Massy Trinidad All Stars and Desperadoes Steel Orchestras.....

2018......the year of Love

Power Stars - It's Showtime

Party Fever T&Tec Power Stars 1982 Steelband Panorama Finals


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