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Greetings All I name is Kwadwo Ras Rico I Tafari. I slave name is Rostant John. I aattended Bethlehem Boys RC and Ideal High Schoool in Trinbago, and University of Toronto in Canada. I passed thru Starlift and Tokyo and played with City Symphony. In Canada I played with Trinbyrds/Tubman Survvivors,amd one season with Afropan,and a few with Peter's band. I played double guitar, cellos and tenor-bass in Trinbago and four cellos and quadraphonics in Canada. I always remained at the top of my classes. I was a radio announcer for a while specializing in calypso/soca and steelband music.I am not a pretender. I have always been Roots and will always remain Roots. If one wants or needs to know more please ask I, I will be more than willing to share with I Family.

Love and Kindness Breddren and Sistren
Hello, my name is Edward Arthur from Trinidad & Tobago,married with two children ages 15 & 10,both of whom are intrested in the steel-pan. I also play and have been doing it since 1985 with Tropical Angel harps and phasell Pan-groove since 1989 ( december of that year) to the present ( but only for panorama) so all together 24 yrs.I don't read or write music and trying to correct that.Outside of the pan scene i'm a trchnical operator ( audio ) with a local t.v station which caters mainly to the sports and cultural aspects of T & T.
Hi Edward,
Try getting one of my steelpan text books "Steelpan Playing With Theory" by Salah Wilson It is a self taught book so you can begin music theory in learning to read and write . Call my brother Patrick at (868) 352-1648 in Trinidad.
I will be returning to Trinidad beginning of Sept. for about three weeks.
Salah Wilson ( Montreal) salah@steelpanplus.com

I was born into a large ( I'm talking 'Von Trapps' large) steelpan family in Montreal and have been playing since age 6... 14 years. I started on the tenor pan (guitar pan) playing all sorts of gigs with my family all over montreal, some parts of Canada, and even abroad. I took up the drums from age 12 and have been seriously pursuing it for the past five years. I have become the full time drummer for Salah's Steelpan Academy- my father's pan school in Montreal.

Feel free to check on his website
Zaynab are you updating this website soon (LOL)
Keep up the good work Zaynab.
My name is Kendall Williams. I've been playing pan for a number of years. I've played pan for bands in Miami, Brooklyn, and Trinidad under some great arrangers. Some of the Bands include Despers (2009), Caribbean Airlines Invaders and Phase II (all from trinidad). I enjoy playing, composing, and arranging especially. I have experience in all and looking to arrange for the different panorama competitions across the world. Message me if you're looking for an arranger, composer, or pannist. In addition, I teach and do private gigs.
Hello to all,
My name is Ian Franklin and am a proud Laventillian. I also penned two books, "Crossword Puzzles of T and T", and "400 Questions on Pan from 1960 to the Present." I reside in the Broward County of Florida and I can be contacted at home (954) 792-1879, cell (954) 593-5853 or laventl@aol.com.
Ian Franklin
Hello to all Pan lovers.
Am living in Florida now but got introduced to pan in NYC--Jueve there is the best. Have only had the priviledge of being at 2 Panaoramas in Trinidad, & would love to be able to go again. We have some pan groups come here at our Tampa Bay Carnival, but I think they need more respect and promotion. Unfortunately, we don't have any local groups.
Thanks for this wonderful website--I have learned so much from it, from the discussions to the video and about pan in places other than Trinidad. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated. Now I know where the 'man with de hammer gone'; his spirit is going strong on When Steel Talks & Pan on the Net!
One Love, Michaele
Hallo especially to you because you donate some of your time reading this rigth now... ;-)
My name is WerNer and I'm a music teacher from Germany being into business for about 40 years now. My main instruments are e-bass and double bass, saxophone and some others. My teaching focus is on children dealing with the question 'How can we care for our natural musical abilities?'. It's exactly 10 years now that I had my first contact with pan. I was lucky to be given the idea of the PixiPan and TeacherPan layouts. Since then far more than 1000 children beginning at the age of 4 years could start their jouney into the world of music sitting or standing behind a steelpan. Right now the The PanGanG, my youth steelorchstra, shows what can be achieved with steelpans even if you live in Germany. ;-)
Further on I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all and everyone who helped me on my way. All the pan(wo)men, the calypsonians, actually each and everyone on T & T. My special thanks go to PanOnTheNet and to Glenda Forde Gamory. And to A. Myrna Nurse for her book "Unheard Voices".
I hope I' ll have the opportunity to contribute for another decade.
Thank you very much for reading this. Best regards, WerNer


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