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Hello Everyone,
I'm Oluwole Amosu from Nigeria, a country of about 140 million people and where pan music and steel bands are known to just a few. I've know about pan music, calypso and soca since i was a kid. Well. i've just started pan lessons and if there's anything i know now, its that Pan is Life!!!
I hope to be the Andy Narell, Clive Bradley, Phil Kilmore of Nigeria and Africa.....someday! God help me, Oh yes i will!!! So watch out for this black pan man from Africa! I'll appreciate all kinds of encouragement from established pannists in this forum like books and whatever you think can help me. I love pan.... one love....Selah!
Hey WST Family.

I have been playing the steelpan since 1993. I started learning at the Manzanilla Police Youth Club, and continued at Queen's Royal College where I played with the QRC Scout Marching Band and Magnum Band. From there, I co-founded the jazz/calypso group Blue Culture with Karl Doyle, a good friend since my days at QRC. I have played with Orange Sky's acoustic project, Los Tocadores, Pamberi, Pan Stereonetts (Toco Band) who I currently arrange for,and Digicel Pantime of St Lucia among many others. At present, I am working alongside the Steelpan Initiatives Project, developers of the Percussive Harmonic Instrument (P.H.I.) which is dedicated NOT to replacing the steelpan, but to giving the pannist an easier way to scoring and storing his/her work.

It is a pleasure being in this forum; do keep up the good work.

Derron Ellies
Hello everyone,
i first saw & heard pan in 1993 in Paris / France and fell in love with it,
then tried then to build pan, it took long, long time to be good,
been to Guadeloupe (1994) a couple of years, where thanks to antiguans i got deeper into pan;
got married in dominican Republic, (where there is no Pan)
I never been to Trinidad,HOPEFULY one day i´ll get there.
I tune for some local bands; arrange and play as soloist and small band.
It´s allways good to meet another panplayer...it don´t have many here.
I don´t like the competitionthing ...
It's music from an instrument that fills and soothes my soul...it makes me feel alive yet at peace with the day.

I am 62 yrs. old. I have no musical training, but listening to music has always been a part of my life. I never had or took time to learn to play an instrument, until recently. I took a two semester class in playing pan at a local community college, Alamance Community College, in Burlington, NC. My instructor was a generous, wonderful, and talented man, Mr. Wilton Dubois, originally from Trinidad. He currently lives in Durham, NC where he has shared his love of the pan, his dreams and his talents with young and old, alike.

I wish I could say I have learned to play the pan...I can only say I have started on the journey with a very few basic steps, but, gee, it feels so go to to try and to take the challenge.

I have moved now, and do not have access to a pan, so am looking for a good used one to continue my learning and enjoyment with, Seems prices have been rapidly climbing in the past 12 months on new pans. I am finding it difficult to determine what represents quality and value in either a new or 'good' used pan from those being offered, since those on the market are not local to where I can go see and hear it. Any tips on purchasing a lead tenor, Low C, new or used would be appreciated.

I think 'When Steel Talks' is an outstanding website and resource for all interested in the pan and its music.

You're never to old to try something new and get a charge out of it...

Keep on steelin' everyone!
my name is jazz and i have been into pan from a very early age, at my home in those early days there was a pan side of which all my brothers played in,and i can remember when Mr Percy who was a taxi driver would bring the tourist around to hear the pan music they were so impressed that they would find it hard to leave when the time came for them to go back to their ship. At the moment i am trying to learn to play the pan but it is a bit difficult as i don't have access to a pan at home but i just love the music.I am from Gonzales in Port of Spain
Hi my name is Tessa Jones and I have been playing the steelpan instrument from the age of 9. I am now in my early thirties and I still enjoy everything and anything that deals with the instrument. My father Desmond "Mappo" Richardson is a world renowned steel pan tuner that has tuned for the likes of Potential, Chord Masters, Renegades and Pamberi among numerous other bands. I have Taught the art of playing steelpan in both Trinidad and tobago and New York locations. I have since retired from teaching the instrument and trying a new career path.

Currently i am in the process of writing a screenplay abouttrinidad and tobago with the steelpan playing a major role in showcasing the country and it's many beautiul aspects.

Hopefully I can use this website as a point of reference in gaining some much needed information. Thanks for having a centralized steelpan site.

Hi Tessa,

Welcome to WST, it's very encouraging to know that you're taking on such a huge challenge because I'm sure you will succeed. A few years ago Mappo touched up a lead Pan at your place that I purchased for my wife; that Pan is still in tune even after being played in a Panorama...In fact, I was just playing one of my Gospelypso compositions on it.

Keep up the good work!

I first heard pan on a trip to the islands in 1958. I fell in love with it and started to read all I could find ablut it. I became very interested in Ellie Mannette. On a trip to Trinidad ablut 12 yeasr ago I had a pan made and brought it back to the US. I started lessons from a local player and my grandkids loved it so on four succeeding trips to Trinidad I had more pans made by Ronald Matthews. We now have three tenor pans and a set of double guitars. The kids are great but at 75 my playing leave a lot to be desired but I love it. I have a library of several hundred pan pieces by various artista and groups.
this is sweet eustace(aka the bard apple) south or southy to phase II peeps(boogsie used to call me "fatboouy" LOL) apples to the rest,I learn to walk, to talk , to read an write, and play pan, whenever I got the chance I woul leave the marble game to play mout band with two sticks round the house, they get fed up a mih when I was working Texaco as an operator as soon as i get a lil free time I would draw a pan on a piece a paper and take a coast, now I make pan, I teach pan, I arrange pan, Ieat breathe, think pan, here is a verse " ah wake up in the morning is pan
Ah go to bed in the evening is pan
every where I turn something I can't disown
Pan is in mih spirit in my soul and my anatonomy
what would I have been if you weren't on my scene
Pan pan pan pan pan
just dambllaying a lil verse, to add to a chourus that was written by the late Great Clive Bradley called "pan pan pan" with all good intentions he wanted to finish it, I promised to give him a copy but he died before he got it and had left the original by his brother's house, and could not remember it, i have a copy, here are some of the words he started "pan leh we go for a walk, Pan is time that we had a talk........." I will post it soon
Hey Y'all

My name is Calixtus Dalson from St. Lucia, and I've been playing pan from 1993, at Entrepot Secondary school. I later joined Diamond Steel Orchestra, and went over to the North Stars Steel Orchestra soon after. I've always been too busy with work to play with my band when they travel to Trinidad for carnival, but I'm gonna surprise a lot of folk soon, lol!!! I play the tenor, but would like to try the bass out sometime...guitars too!!! Thanks to alla you who are motivating the pan players, and trying to keep pan going. Madd Luv!!!


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