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Well Ain’t That Ah (&*!!%$@%&?!) Desperadoes Never Got the Memo - ?

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - 2019 Panorama Semi Finals
Desperadoes - 2019 Panorama Semi Finals - photo by Robbie Joseph

“We are not going out peacefully in a garbage bag”!

Panorama 2019 - Trinidad and Tobago

by WST

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In our last When Steel Talks Panorama chit-chat it seemed like the imperial Renegades Steel Orchestra was on its musical trek to uncommon greatness, while taking measurements for extra large garbage-bag coffins (musically speaking) for the other large band competitors in this prestigious Panorama competition. 

Indeed an ‘implied’ memo from the Renegades camp, was sent out to all regions - North, South/Central, East and Tobago in a very public manner after the prelim results came in.  “Surrender peacefully - you must comply - resistance is futile.” With the closest challenger to the champs eight points behind at that stage - it truly seemed like this story was going to be forever told the way Duvone Stewart and The Renegades wrote the script.

However, this is big-boy country and the big, big-band league, the indisputable residence of the best steel orchestras in the world.

As expected, the responses to this implied communiqué was pretty much sent back with an emphatic ‘Return to sender - Address unknown -  See ya at the Savannah.’ Large bands don’t “frighten.” 

And so there would be an epic battle at the semi finals. The musical tale of 2019 that would eclipse the rouse of the missing iconic North Stand by the Minister “Gypsy.” The excitement, the colors, the sound and the experience like none other. 

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Common guys! Are the name calling, the branding, the subtle innuendos really necessary? I have listened to Renegades presentation at least half a dozen times looking for flaws. Unless my ears are betraying me, I just cannot find any. Is Mr. Stewart too theatrical in his emotions? Maybe! Maybe this is what makes him who he is at what he does. No one makes negative comments about Silver Stars drill master in the past. At least I haven't herd any.

I looked at the commentaries after the Patriots win over the L.A. Rams in Super Bowl LIII and no one said anything negative about the Rams, in spite of the fierceness of the game and the intense competition. There were only commendations coming from either team.

Can we not congratulate Renegades on the great job they are doing so far and wish them much success in the finals? I hope so.    

Did you read the article? Renegades fired  the first Salvo? Any name calling, branding was done by renegades. The  root of the article is:that no one is willingly surrendering.


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