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Well all who did not have a chance to listen to the FINELY TUNED TENORS of HATTERS (a TONALITY I immediately recognized and complimented) -- here is your chance ...

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JEREMY:  Tell them that THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

Oh Larde oh Larde Oh! Claude boy, how you could do me dat?! You embarrassin’ me an de band wit all dat attention you givin’ we; when all ah do is razz up the merry-tones-to-de-bones for givin’ we tenor range some stress, when ah say to he is dat dea’s ‘precious’! Is true dat, of course.

What you eh know is, one of dem very tenor players, come in me house wit he pan, an for de whole afternoon pong up me head wit learning the end of the tune dat he record on de cell-phone direct from the arranger. After me head mashup, he went dong by de yard to pass on dat to de tenor range in de band tonight.

Talk about precious! Oui, an now you askin’ if 'the best is yet to come'? How ah could answer dat? Well,  EXACTLY!

Hatters are safe...for now at least...Sunday on the level playing field will separate the sheep from the goats...

Oh Larde Oh! Claude boy, you’ve catch meh goat again! Bad, bad, bad, an’ in more ways than one! U wicked boy.

After a nigh limin’ by Library corner wit me fren de nuts man, ketchin up on pan news an listenin to dem East, Tobago and Nort Large ban an dem; is only at 9:00 oh clock dis mornin’, when ah ready to go to bed, when ah done finish curryin’ some close to the edge goat dat a nex panman lef in me house, so it wouldn’t spoil, dat ah fine out what you do to meh!

As a matter of principal, ah don’t ever watch or listen to dat Ting’ alyoh have over dere! Ah does cut-off dat nasty Ting’ quick. So I was chekin de real news, from Sky, BBC, France 24 or Al Jazeera English, one of dem, ah forget which, when dat Ting’ appear in a flash!

Oh Larde Oh! Yuh ketch me boy!

But say what; we bote in trouble. You have dat Ting’, an I have dat goat! Ah deddin!


An Oh Larde Oh!, ah jus see; de merry-tones-to-de-bones now talkin’ about more goat! Ah done out, or is it in? We go see. :)


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