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[Well GYPSY jump in the VIRTUAL CARNIVAL BREW and HE and ME on the same page] NCC Chairman: Virtual Carnival In 2021 Does Not Make Sense

Spending a lot of money on a virtual presentation of Carnival does not make sense to …

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It's still a fascinating discussion, however. I would like to see what they PRODUCE if given the opportunity. Good to see GYPSY make reference to the FAILED EFFORTS AT PAY PER VIEW BEFORE. I would like to see RUBADIRI VICTOR fight the battle and deliver his product. And then i would like them to be honest enough to show the FINAL NUMBERS from all quarters and then MAP A WAY FORWARD.

I still think that they have a CONTENT PROBLEM that they are NOT AWARE OF. Take for example the CALYPSO/SOCA -- outside of DAVID RUDDER performing "IT'S JUST A CARNIVAL" I cannot think of ONE LOCAL CALYPSO that would appeal to GLOBAL AUDIENCES in a SHOW LIKE THIS.

RUBADIRI is HIGHLY MOTIVATED and EXTREMELY WELL CONNECTED (actually PAN TRINBAGO needs somebody like him for the post of PRO or ERO) so I am sure that he could deliver a GOOD PRODUCT. Where he will fall short is in UNDERSTANDING what appeals to the OUTSIDE WORLD and how do you draw that AUDIENCE to the BROADCAST.

With his CONNECTIONS and STATUS in TRINIDAD he might be able to ATTRACT the right LOCAL INVESTORS and do a scaled down version as a FIRST TRY. I am curious to see how this DRAMA unfolds!!!

Claude what makes you think Trinidad and Tobago could actually pull this off.  Most of the live streaming music and arts presentation out of Trinidad and Tobago have been subpar, unprofessional and sometimes embarrassing.  From both an artistic and technological standpoint Trinidad and Tobago is bring up the rear. Frankly, most of the live steam virtual carnival presentations have been real poor. 

Did you see the UK Noting-hill Carnival? Now that's how you live stream, present and plan a virtual Carnival.  They were excellent.

Let Trinidad and Tobago practice in 2021. Virtual Carnival streaming is going to be part of the future presentations forever.

There may not be a Carnival on the streets of T&T before 2025.



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