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Well since NOBODY (in the vast pool of SO CALLED PAN LOVERS) has come to the DEFENSE of DUVONE STEWART -- I am FORCED to do a FORMAL MUSICAL DEFENSE of HIS ARRANGEMENT ... ME of all people, IMAGINE!!!

Now bugs and odw and Dr. deLight will jump right in and say that I am contradicting myself. But the ONE THING that I learn in life is that there are TWO SIDES TO EVERY COIN ... so let me begin MY DEFENSE OF DUVONE STEWART (formal MUSICAL DEFENSE -- and ALEXICA eh have NUTTEN on me, eh ... when it come to this MUSIC TING ...) and I will come back to the other my other side of the coin later.

One could argue that there were parts of the arrangement of "WRONG AGAIN" with less MOTIVIC DEVELOPMENT (which includes melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic development -- some of the key elements of music), but it cannot be ignored that DUVONE STEWART DID HAVE  MOTIVIC DEVELOPMENT in HIS ARRANGEMENT.

Conceding that ALEXICA fact, the JUDGES (based on the formal PAN TRINBAGO CRITERIA) would have still been able to REWARD HIM for THE USE OF THOSE DEVELOPMENTS.

We are talking about DUVONE STEWART here -- the LEADING PANORAMA ARRANGER in the WORLD TODAY -- known to ONE AND ALL in the WORLD OF PAN and PANORAMA. So if you have followed DUVONE'S style over the years -- You would know that DUVONE goes the EXTRA MILE WITH HIS ARRANGEMENTS to add SOME EXTRA (advanced) TOUCHES.

In the parts of the arrangement where there was NO MOTIVIC DEVELOPMENT, there were MUSICAL TECHNIQUES that DUVONE used to ENHANCE HIS STORY LINE ... and this is where we enter the MUSICAL WORLD of "WORD PAINTING" or "TEXT PRINTING".

WORD PAINTING is a technique in MUSIC that dates as far back as the RENAISSANCE ERA in MUSIC which is when MUSIC is used to PAINT A PICTURE in the minds of the LISTENERS with the use of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and NOT WORDS.

With that in mind, if you look at DUVONE'S ARRANGEMENT you will see that he USED the BRIDAL WALK in the bridge, followed by SHADOW'S "HORN" to show that the MARRIAGE VOW is falling apart as he wonders: WHAT AH DO WRONG AGAIN, LARD?

QUOTATIONS (sampling) is a HISTORICAL NORM as even TCHAIKOVSKY used the RUSSIAN ANTHEM in 1812 OVERTURE to depict the battle between the RUSSIANS and the FRENCH in WAR.

In the 19TH century era, there is a genre that was created called a "TONE POEM" which is like a SYMPHONY but the difference is that there is only one MOVEMENT.

DUVONE STEWART arranges his music like a TONE POEM with the use of WORD PAINTING and SAMPLING to accompany his MOTIVIC DEVELOPMENT. In this way the MOTIVIC DEVELOPMENT is integrated into THE ARRANGEMENT from OTHER SOURCES.


In the words of my one my favourite lines from THE HARDER THEY COME: LOOK WHAT TROUBLE MEH GONE AND GET MEHSELF IN, MEH LAWD!!!

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This Panorama wasn't so much about what Renegades and Duvone did or didn't do as it relates to the rules.

Zanda,  that old fox dropped some serious body blows on rest of the competition.. They did everything better than the rest of the field. Zanda is like a box of unknown chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. This year it was marvelous.  

In addition Desperadoes played after "no canopy" Exodus. Desperadoes looked and sounded like giants compared to Exodus.   And yes,they were 10 points better that Exodus. Dey lucky the judges didn't make it 20. But Exodus looked real pretty. I could see all the players.

Duvone dropped a "beautiful" piece of music. They were singing and waltzing. They had three-peat glasses on. Who does a 1-2-3 waltz at a panorama? 

Desperadoes came out slugging and connected with an uppercut to Renegades' chin.  All now Renegades trying to find their legs to get back to their corner. I heard on the facebook dey real vex.

Did you hear some of Zanda's rhythmic transitions? "YOU MADD" using a Claude Gonzales voice. Zanda take that 3/4 Renegades Rumba and turn into a 6/8 African dropkick to his opponents head. Instant concussion for them.. The crowd still roaring More Sohkah, More Sohkah...Zanda dropped a Caribbean version of the "Planets" with "Calypso inside the Calypso."  Or was that the PnP setting on the TV?

Did anybody notice how All Stars almost catch the field from behind and steal the show?

Y'all better leave Ms. ALEXICA alone.  All she did was raise the stakes, and let the locals  understand this is ah global arena. And if you not broadcasting in 4k with 9.1 sound stay home. You can't take three steps and call it a layup. Folks know the rules. 

Can't wait for Panorama 2021. I will be passing out lots of smelling salts. And it won't be for Renegades and Duvone. You know what happens when you poke the bear?


Wow Claude you got me speech less......

I dont know if is by the brilliant in depth analysis of the tune or by the fact you really trying to convince people that there is some sort of hidden motif development in the song...... either way .......I speechless. 


The Shadow quote is "Whap Cocoyea". Not "Horn."

Thanks: I will make the correction!!!


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