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Well this is how you represent THE PAN GLOBALLY!!! I DREAMT about this (for decades) but this is THE FIRST TIME I have ever SEEN IT!!!

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For years and years on THIS FORUM, I have talked about  a GLOBAL PAN STAR. I have gone into great details at times PROFILING the PAN STAR and defining the requirements that are expected for GLOBAL AUDIENCES. But I never had AN EXAMPLE to show to make my point.

Today I got lucky and I found THIS VIDEO. This is 95% of my expectation!!! And the one thing I know for sure now is that there is NOBODY in the PAN COMMUNITY in TRINIDAD who could even VAGUELY perform at THIS GLOBAL LEVEL. And even in the world of EXPAT PAN PERFORMERS -- nobody could come close.

In terms of ENTERTAINMENT VALUE -- I rate this PERFORMER higher than ANDY NARELL ... and for those who have read THIS FORUM for years ... you know the HIGH ESTEEM in which I hold ANDY NARELL ... but this is about POP ENTERTAINMENT VALUE ... a different aspect of ENTERTAINMENT.

I have seen the PROMISE LAND OF PAN (today) -- but I am quite sure that I will NEVER SEE a TRINIDAD PAN PLAYER meet this level of performance and expectation!!!

The only thing missing from this performance is an ORIGINAL COMPOSITION which blends CALYPSO with LIGHT JAZZ and R&B.

And then he tells the audience that the STEELDRUM has its ROOTS in CALYPSO MUSIC so he is now going to play an ORIGINAL COMPOSITION that represents the CARIBBEAN FLAVOR!!!

But that is the BEST and MOST SOPHISTICATED PAN SHOW that I have ever seen. And that is what could happen when you have MUSICIANS mastering THE PAN -- rather than PAN MEN. A prominent female from SOUTH recently said that we have too many PAN  PLAYERS in TRINIDAD and not enough PAN MUSICIANS. Of course, I had been saying that for decades and getting cussed out for it.

This MAN could travel alone around the world and just hire musicians in any city he goes to BACK HIM UP!!!

We do not have any PAN PLAYERS with his MUSICAL PACKAGE. And I have explained THE PACKAGE THING on THIS FORUM many times before.

If I had to promote a GLOBAL PAN STAR I would take WILSON JEAN-BAPTISTE before ANDY NARELL. But you have to have a GLOBAL PAN VISION to comprehend this issue. And the world is big enough for ANDY and WILSON and at least THREE OTHERS. But I cannot see any of THE THREE OTHERS coming out of TRINIDAD or THE EXPAT COMMUNITY because they LACK THE BASIC INGREDIENTS.

It is not as simple as it seems on the surface. Just look at the SOPHISTICATION that WILSON JEAN-BAPTISTE brings to that stage!!!

Claude, how could you say this cruise ship entertainer represents the standard for Global Pan Stars?

"the BEST and MOST SOPHISTICATED PAN SHOW that I have ever seen?"


A performance by a pan virtuoso...

Performance by Mia Gormandy at Queen's Hall, Port of Spain, Trinidad, September 16, 2012 as part of "In the footsteps of Mangore," the concert tour of Berta Rojas and Paquito d'Rivera

A virtuoso...a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit...

Robert Greenidge solo over The Beatles' "Something" and "Michelle"


From the Heart (ft. Robert Greenidge)

"From the Heart", composed by and featuring Robert Greenidge on double seconds pan. In concert November 23, 2013, at The Nueva School, Hillsborough, CA.

ODW...like yuh doh know when Claude lookin' to start a ole talk or wha?...

...and how would Mr. Gonzales rate this?


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